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Very good thoughts here Tim and I am glad you can convey this message to all from the perspective of one who has walked the walk of disappointment in a parent as well as now being the parent that does not disappoint. I love your heart. This is a message we all need to take to the task and put our families first.

If we aren't ministering well at home first, nothing else matters...

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I thank God for Dave Shaw!

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or is it spectacular planning? What if this is an event that is planned for all those who ARE NOT going to SoulFest? Now you see my genius!

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Good for you man. I'm proud of you for scaling back so that family and ministry can be in balance. Enjoy your Summer and know that I am praying for you guys with the little one on it's way soon!

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not sure critical mass is needed but it would be great to see @louiegiglio follow some people as well as be followed...

it just feels more like an ego stroking than connecting with others.

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so how are you doing with this man? Do you need another kick in the pants or what!? Get on it son. Move, Move!

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dude, get off your butt and get out into the big old world and enjoy it. Make exercising fun. Play with your kids, walk with your wife, be intentional about parking in the furthest spot and take the extra steps to get into where you are going. Little things like that add up. But yeah, get into the gym as well - at least 3 times a week. You owe it to your family to be in good enough shape to live healthy years so they can enjoy you!

you can do it John. I believe in you...

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Tim, love your thoughts that you are processing through here on your blog and the simple fact that you are wanting to meet with some of the students in the coming weeks to discuss further what this change would or could look like is great. It shows that you are confident enough to not only get their input in the way of a survey but then also dig deeper into doing something with the results. That is brave and bold my friend!

We have been doing small groups since the inception of our youth group 12 years ago. Over the years we added a large group service once a month that really aids in serving as a feeder into the small groups that meet the rest of the month. Many teens find it easier to invite a friend to come to the large group as it is a much more relaxed setting with small elements of entertainment but big emphasis on relationship. There's something about the energy in a large group that makes it really cool for us here. At the same time we are very intentional about connecting with those who are not in a small group and talking with them about it. The nice thing is that most of the kids that come with friends are already hearing and seeing what the small groups are all about because their friend that invited them has been talking about it.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you come up with in the end and want you to know that I am praying for you and for the many on this blog that are processing the same thoughts about large group ministry right now. Blessings Bro!

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Great stuff as always Tim. Really feeling the same way about much of what you have on this list. So how do we make the necessary changes in order to better connect with teens? How do we better model a life that is being transformed by Christ that will speak much louder than any message we could speak?

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priming the pump for Funky Friday. Get those chapters finished man!