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I just watched this! And unless I missed something crucial, the Mr. Bates subplot proceeded thusly:
Nicholas Higgins / Mr. Bates: You fools CAN'T work for this rich dude! We must hold fast to the strike or die -- LITERALLY DIE, THAT'S RIGHT -- trying!
*time passes*
*time passes*
Mr. Higgins-Bates (sotto voce): Man, it hard getting by without a job...
*time passes*
Mr. Higgins / Bates: I shall work for you again, evil mill-owner, but only because I have gotten to now you on a personal level and realize you are Kind Of A Nice Guy. And thus my principles remain untarnished, due to this little-known exception to the moral code!

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I live in the Bay Area and if it's any small consolation, the local news story took a completely different tenor -- the article in the San Francisco Chronicle focused on the design and maintenance of the balcony and the need, perhaps, for greater oversight, and included this quote: “It seems that those students were just doing what young people do, crowding onto a balcony,” she said. “But it’s up to us, not them, to make this stuff safe. That’s just what kids do. We have a responsibility, not just as citizens of Berkeley but as citizens of the world who send their children here, to make sure our structures are safe.”

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Huzzah to no Tina or Jenny! But as far as I'm concerned we should cut out Bette too. *ducks to avoid tomatoes being thrown* She was just smug and boring and I never understood her appeal, except that she's pretty. Maybe she can show up every once in a while to help Kit pay for an expansion of the bar or something. I mean, if Tina is the love of your life, you must be a boring person!! Ipso facto

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The one at 7th and Mandela, near the West Oakland Bart, also has bulletproof glass and they have one of those little metal box deedly-bops that slides under the glass -- you put your money in it, slide it over to the other side, they shove your food into it and slide it back to you. Kinda like the drive-through window of a bank.

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I'm gonna guess it's a Dave Barry humor column. In fact, he's probably guest editor for a month.

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I feel like ASSERTIVENESS!! must be an article about how if you just dress nicely and spend all day going from business to business with your resume and a solid pitch, you will have 10 job offers by the end of the day.

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Totally agree with the response to LW1. And another thing: despite how strong your sense of loyalty may be, if you are the last competent person left on a sinking ship, that alone might impair your future job prospects, should you let this current offer pass you by. In my industry, at least, some offices have developed a reputation for being shitshows such that even a stellar candidate would have to overcome some skepticism when they are applying for a job elsewhere.

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I literally just guffawed. That is the platonic ideal of Dadness!

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