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Terrorism and terrorist like this clown have no place in society as they have ended the right of others to have a life.

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The sas are the true heroes. If you pick up arms you should have got your just deserts. Death. A eye for an eye.

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Your quite correct if any foreigner wished to take my country from me then that would be war. So why have the ROI made a claim on my country NORTHERN IRELAND was many years? It was founded by Edward Carson a protestant state for protestant people. Personally i dont believe in an afterlife as no-one has come back to tell me how good or how bad it really is. I dont believe in saints either as these are a man made ideal. Lets face it Pope John Paul 11 was hardly a saint when he turned a blind eye to child molestation within the church by bribing the parents of the victims. What is the difference between Gary Glitter and a Roman Catholic priest? Gary Glitter didnt use religion to cover up his crimes and he never forgive anyone else for their sins. So high and righteous the Roman Catholic Church are. So holy and mightly preaching to others about their sins when the priest whom forgives others for their sins and then buggers the choir boys a few minutes later. Very noble. Not that smart are you? In Londonderry they bribed the parents of the victims with £10,000 after making them sign documents forbidding them to discuss it. Well the biggest Child abuser was Jimmy Saville another devout Roman Candle!

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I did not state that Moses was a Irishman. Anyone with a brain knows that. I simply stated that using the republician theme that the English are invaders and imperialist then Moses must also be the same as he crossed the red sea into Canaan. The French under Bonaparte would be a imperialist, the Chinese by invading Tibet, the Iraqs by invading Kuwait, the Germans by invading most of Europe on 2 occasions, the japanese by invading most of Asia, the irish by invading North America and taking land which belonged to the native Red Indians for 10,000 years, In short every country on the planet has done wrong. There are no saints on planet earth. The Irish are no different. Why do they claim Rockall as part of the country? Why have they made claims on sea blocks out in the Atlantic ocean? Oil perhaps? Money grabbing paddies.

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The reason why Sands and his mob did what they did was because they could achieve their wishes via the ballot box. The majority of Northern Ireland wish to remain within the British system. (After all Michael Collins agreed to this in 1921 and this led to the Irish Civil War). Charles Haughey during his time as leader of the ROI simply equipped the IRA using the states funds to arm and fund terrorism, so therefore he was a terrorist to). I dont recall any British leader using the British taxes to fund or equip the protestant paramilitaries such as the UVF or the UDA.

As you advise me to do my research i have and Sands, Adams, McG and yes Mandela were all involved in a armed organisation. Ie. Terrorism. Yes just like Al-queda today. Ian Paisley was above that as he did not run, organise and have anything to do with terrorism. A truly great leader. I have checked and done my research and he was never charged with any terrorism offence.

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Someone said I stated that Moses was a Irishman. No he was certainly not an Irishman. I simply stated that using the theme that nationalist use that the English are invaders etc etc. Then Moses is also a invader. (After all he crossed the Red Sea into the promised land or Canaan as the jews race called it). So Moses by the same argument was a invader and a imperialist. So were the Turks as they had a empire, the Turks / Hungarians had the Turkish Ottoman empire, the Germans invaded most of Europe on 2 occasions and caused 2 world wars, the japanese invaded most of asia, what about the italions during ww2, the roman empire, etc, etc. The French under Bonaparte were invaders. So what are Irish belly aching about? Grow up and stop playing for pity. The Irish have invaded North America and taken land which is the land belonging to the Native Red Indians. In 1849 during the Gold rush they rushed to the west of the US to grab it valuable contents. A bunch of thieves and claiming valuables which belonged to the native Red Indians whom lived there for 10,000 years. Hardly honest bahaviour. Imperialism most certainly.

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When will all the Irish in America be returning to Ireland as they have clearly invaded the land which belongs to the Native Red Indians? Clearly the Republicians have double standards. Come to think about it there are a few in Australia, Glasgow, Liverpool and Birmingham that should be sent packing Then the republicians call the English invaders and occupiers. Come on wake up and smell the coffee. Pot calling the kettle black? The ROI is a failed state and has being bailed out by the EU. A recent report said it will take the ROI about 80 years to repay its present debt providing it borrows nothing for the next 80 years. Bankrupt Republic with no banannas.

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You would think the scumbags would simply engage their brains. After being fined on three previous occasions you would think they would learn. But NO. Lets do the same again and then get upset at being fined. To keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the defination of a mad man. If you keep putting you hand in the fire expect it to be burnt again. Will the idiots learn? I doubt it as brainless morons cannot be taught. Keep on increasing the fines UEFA. Personally i would ban them from the competiton for a couple of years the next time it happens. UEFA should state a ban will be dished out if it happens again. (They then will have no excuse or anyone to blame but themselves).

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CampsieBoy it best to leave politics and your twisted logic at home? Sport has got nothing to do with politics and i am afraid it idiots like you that attempt to drag the two together as a means to promote your twisted opinions. You should not be using sport as a platform for political propaganda. After all Bobby Sands decided not to eat so it was his own stupid self that caused his own death. Still he won the Slimmer of the Year 1981. Nice one!

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CampieBoy how silly are you? As a protestant born and bred in Tyrone i can say without doubt the Irish have become the illegal occupers of many foreign lands. After all the Red Indians were the rightful occupiers of North America before any white man set foot on it. The so called Irish Americans are therefore invaders North America. Throughout history people have travelled throughout the planet. Was Moses a invader when he crossed the Red Sea and moved to a land called Canaan, the so called promised land? With regard to Nelson Mandela I hold the believe he was a terrorist as he formed an armed grouping to murder other people in order to achieve his political wishes. Are the Amercians today the terrorists in Iraq as they are oppressing the people of Iraq. (It was illegal as no UN vote took place). Bobby Sands was a terrorist as is Gerry Adams and Martin McG. Personally i hold the Shankhill butchers as enemies of terrorist such as Gerry Adams so therefore i would be happy to wave a banner of the Shankhill butchers at the next Rangers game. They are true heros. Ps. Charles Haughey was also a terrorist as he procured arms using the Free states taxes. Lets hope Bobby Sands and Haughey are suffering today in hell.