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Ironic Karma really? Being a drug-addict is not synonymous with being a bad person.

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What no freedom of speech in France? You're not allowed to criticize racists for being racist? If they win this lawsuit my opinion of France just went down a few notches...

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Glad he got it back. Sounds like this robbery scared him out of his important work at a Rehab Center in Spokane, too bad...

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10 or so? I'd say more like 10 million or more. I voted for him last time and won't be repeating that mistake this year...the one thing he has going for him is that Romney is also a turn-coat with no conviction on any topic, I won't be voting for him either...Ron Paul 2012!

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I didn't realize that, I'm still not gonna blame Tarvaris Jackson though...A head football coach in the NFL is smart enough to see if the receiver is performing well despite of his quarterback...or if they both suck.

Mike Williams was popular as the underdog, come-from-behind story. People don't want to blame him but obviously Pete Carroll wasn't impressed enough to keep him.

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It wasn't Jackson's fault. If that was the case he would've been let go months ago. Mike Williams got let go because of his performance in camp THIS YEAR...not his performance on the field last year.

I'm not defending Tarvaris Jackson, but let's give Pete Carroll and Co. a little more credit than that...

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haha, "onebluedolphin" must've taken one too many blue dolphins in his/her life...that's an ecstasy pill for those who don't know.

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People need to stop fighting this. Marijuana is by far less harmful than oxycontins and percocets...or alcohol for that matter...or cigarettes!

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As usual corporations think they can do(or not do) what they want with other peoples' money. Glad the judge saw things differently.

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Being a huge college football fan, I felt bad for Paterno when he first got fired. Now that this information is out there I can't feel one bit of remorse for anybody but the victims. Sexual abuse of a child is an evil act. There needs to be charges brought against anyone who knew and did nothing.

I hope anybody who witnesses or finds out about sexual abuse sees this and knows to alert the proper authorities right away.

And all statues, plaques, awards, or any other memorabilia bearing Joe Pa's or any of these other guys' names should be taken down and destroyed.