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How does a person allow themselves to become so partisan, so angry, that they convince themselves it is acceptable to lie to achieve your goals? Is it a lack of proper upbringing? is it a flaw in the character? Have they no sense in right or wrong?It is like a person that cheats to win a sporting event or some other competition, how can you feel any personal satisfaction n the triumph if you had to cheat to win?

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As if Obama had anything to do with Bin Laden's death other than saying OK. Where's the risk to him? The vast majority of the American people would have pulled the trigger themselves if they could. It wasn't even a political risk. The Federal Election Commission needs to make a ruling here, is this a campaign donation? Seems so to me.

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Gary Sinise puts his money where his mouth is supporting military and veterans. He deserves a salute!

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Time and time again the proof that areas with more liberal gun laws have less violent crime have shown to be true. A gun is an implement used for a purpose, decided by the user. I have had guns in my homes all my life. I hunted small game with my Mother and Father when I was 13 years old. We always ate what we killed. As I grew older, I realized that a gun represents power, again how that power is handled is determined by the user. When I became a family man I decided I would do everything in my power to never allow my wife or children to be victims. I know believe, as violent crime has become more prevalent, the senselessness of much of it required more aggressive action. I applied for and got my concealed weapons permit. To many people this seems outrageous, but to me it is prudence. If you rely on law enforcement to defend you and your family, you are a fool. Courts have ruled the law does not have a responsibility to keep you safe, their job is to apprehend criminals. That is after the crime has been committed. If you call the police, how long does it take them to arrive? I believe that gun control has nothing to do with crime, crime is the function of an act by a person. Don't fall for the propaganda that guns in the home are more likely to hurt you. If you have children, don't make the guns a "forbidden fruit". I told my children anytime they wanted to look at the guns tell me and I would let them. I would take out the guns, make sure they were unloaded and let them handle the guns all they wanted. This was also a good time to instill some of the rules of safety with guns. You will someday let your children drive, barring military service, that is probably the most dangerous thing they will ever do, surely you will try to teach them safety. It is no different with guns. We can't stop crime unless you have the power to do so, Guns=Power! If you have loved ones, you must ask yourself, how would you feel if you had to watch helplessly while they were harmed or killed because you were powerless to help them?

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This is simply another example that Obama and the Dems don't believe laws don't apply to them. They disregard court rulings, they sidestep and dodge congressional rulings. Why, because it hinders their agenda and they will not allow anything to do that. Not the law, not the will of the people, nothing!

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Yes, read many years ago. Sorry, I am science fiction weirdo.

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Yo Mama! You and I agree, I don't trust him either...

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The Marines have an excellent marksmanship program. By adding a scope to the mix, the Marines will come very close to creating an infantry unit composed of snipers. When I retired in the 80's, the marines were able to qualify all but a tiny percentage of all Marines with the rifle. All Marines under the age of I believe 45 muct qualify every year with their T.O. weapon. The qualification course was not easy. A full two weeks is dedicated every year for every Marine to qualify. Wth the rifle, this consists of firing the rifle, from 3 distances, 200, 300 and 500 meters at 3 types of targets using 4 different shooting positions. The maximum score is 250 points, 50 rounds are fired at 5 points each for a bulls eye. Minimum qualification score is 190 points for a Marksman badge, 210 and above for Sharpshooter, and 220 and above is an Expert. The increased ability for first shot hits, the better low light sighting will result in a very bad situation for the enemies of America.

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I have a couple of dozen horrible comments that I could make here, I would like to make them, but I am married to a kind and decent woman that doesn't know such language lives in me. I will say the next best thing...STINKING ARROGANT LIBERALS!

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This is the result of voting liberals into office. They appoint raging radicals who immediately set about writing new regulations and pursuing people for supposed infractions. These regulations and laws and yes, the prosecutions are all the result of pursuing a radical agenda. They are not based on science, a need for legislation, or violent behavior. These punishments are meted out for daring to live you life in a way that suffers the disapproval of these radicals. Think about it, millions of dollars in fines for selling maybe 50 rabbits? This is nothing less then radicals seeking the destruction of these peoples lives because they encouraged the eating of meat, poor little furry rabbits! People, listen, liberals will destroy our freedom to do anything other than what they approve of. That is why they hate the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It limits the governments power. Yes, I am a strict constitutionalist. If the words are not in the Constitution there is no "made up" right!