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Good read. Thank you Philip.

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I used to read Mother Jones. Then I got a mail from them in 2016 asking me to sign a thank you card to Hillary Clinton - WTF? Hillary, at the time, was shafting Bernie Sanders.

Blatantly obvious that Mother Jones is a corporate pull-toy for the Clinton corporatists and their oligarchs.

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I'm Sorry, but I don't think the progressives in the dem party are going to save the day. They have been groomed by the DNC and are partnered with the DSA which only "pleads" to the dems/DNC for improvements in social programs.

I think it will take a third party that will eventually reach out globally to working class people. I know, dream on.

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"In the United States, to be sure, all votes on election day are counted equally, but in practice the One Percent limit the range of policies that can be voted on and then implemented." -- Great Point!

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I suggest reading It's a great read.

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Stock buybacks go totally against the BS economics peddled by the ruling class. If a stock is worth buying, people will buy it and it's value will go up. That's how the 'free market' is supposed to work. Don't buyback your stock, make something that has value, people will buy it, and the stock price will go up. If you google 'were stock buybacks illegal at one time' it shows stock buybacks were illegal until 1982, thanks to Reagan the dik.
I think in the current country we live in, a third party can't happen. The billionaires own the news. Anything that goes against them they will trash. I read an article one time about how difficult it is to have a third party, collecting signatures in every state with DNC lawyers coming after you in court checking all the signatures. US and it's unfettered capitalism is over, dead, and will be gone. The worship of wealth is a sickness and the billionaires have severe mental problems, due to all the wealth.

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Yes, this is how capitalism works. It's so unfettered now Wall Street can do just about anything it wants. Money is God in America and war is guaranteed profit. I have zero respect for the majority of the politicians that are always blessing wall street and this behavior. Oh the karma for some of these people.

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If you read the first 5 chapters of "A people's history of America" by Howard Zinn it is plain to see the ruling class had a plan to stop people from revolting against then by creating politicians and the constitution with all the BS about liberty, freedom, etc. The biggest freedom is the ruling class can off-shore jobs and abuse the working class to extract enormous amounts of wealth from society.

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Great information source. So wonderful.

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FBI report: DC Metropolitan and US Capitol Police monitored fascist militias’ radio communications during the January 6 attack