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Jihad Watch is like Stormfront, but instead of being obsessed with blacks like Stormfront is Jihad watch is obsessed with Islam, neither gather much credibility anywhere but both try hard. This is why you'll never see a reputable sponsor on either site and both are listed as 'hate sites' by the SPLC.

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wilders is nothing more than a racist in sheeps clothing, he's a pile of shit whos followers are nothing more than racist sheep bleating his nonsense every chance they get, it's no wonder he was banned from the UK for his intolerant beliefs. The only good thing I can say about the guy is that he's gonna die someday.

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that would be the best 11 days in the world, god bless Iran

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Things banned in Israel;

Marriage by non jews to jews, women sitting in the front seats of buses, women wearing short skirts in orthdox neighborhoods, pork, equal rights for Arabs, equal housing for Arabs, equal jobs and pay for Arabs, the list goes on and on.

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[QUOTE]How can the U.S. believe that it has the right to send weapons to every corner of the world, along with its armies, its soldiers, and to sell weapons to any country it wants, but that Iran does not have the right to give weapons to the Islamic resistance[/QUOTE]

How true, and don't forget the US sells weapons to Israel, who's currently under war crimes investigations by the UN and Spanish courts for thier wanton murder of over 800 women and kids. Hopefully Iran will nuke Israel off the map, now THAT would be a great effort on reducing terrorism, as Israel is nothing more than state sponsored terrorism. (You'll never read about those investigations on this bigoted website, it seems they'd rather bury thier rednecks in the sand and pretend things like that don't exsist).

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wilders and savage banned, two racists who espouse intolerance and hatred every chance they get. It's good to see the UK finally cracking down on terrorists

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No Jew can marry a non Jew in Israel. It's permissable for a Jewish man to divorce if the woman has been raped, it's all true, look it up. Sometimes I wonder how far some people really managed to get in History classes when they seem unable or unwilling to face the harsh realities of life outside the US, if you really want to babble on about Islam as if it's some horrible thing perhaps you should find analogies that don't corrospond to real life lawsand events in Israel, a friend to the US, not really, more like a Cancer, lol.

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In America we just murder our kids and stuff them in suitcases, toss them in canals or rivers. It's amazing how people refuse to acknowledge the evils within thier own communities and instead point fingers, those in glass forget it, it's clear by the posts here most of you are far too stupid to even understand what i'm saying anyway, lmao.

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oddly, there is no mention of anyone directly involved in this being palestinian, no evidence, no proof whatsoever. Yet this thread is full of rednecks babbling on as if they have a clue. Go take a break sheep, learn to actually read the damn article for once you moronic clowns.

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[QUOTE]Ha'artz - Five assailants believed to be Ultra-Orthodox Jews assaulted a woman and an Israel Defense Forces soldier Sunday for sitting next to each other on a bus bound for Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem.

The incident began when the five men asked the religious woman to move to the back of the bus to prevent males and females from sitting together in public. When she refused, they beat her and the male soldier who sat next to her.[/QUOTE]

Seems the Taliban have some competition, lmao.