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I like that reasoning quite a bit, I just wish the Republicrats had the cojones to do just that!

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The course of action that we should all take as individual taxpayers is to, starve the beast.

I intend to defer any large purchases for the duration of the Obama years. I have asked my homeowner's association to cut the maintenance (and the funds they give to the illegal alien workers) by half. I will employ every legal means of tax avoidance, coupled with reduced purchasing (especially from big box stores owned by companies that support the current regime).

If everyone took decisive and bold steps to cut the amount of money that our various government parasites get from us, by deferring purchases, legally avoiding taxable events, and cutting the flow of money into government in every way, then we could strangle the beast. With the economic collapse, then we might be able to have that long needed revolution that men like, Thomas Jefferson said that we would need from time to time, in order to keep our liberty, and preserve our Republic.

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I don't call it a fiscal cliff. I call it a much needed market correction and a much needed education to Legislators that you cannot legislate away the laws of economics.

Let's liquidate some debt!!!!

I called Harry Reid and told him the same thing

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I have been thinking the same thing for a while now. I am all aboard.


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This comment from Nick Riley:

Is it any better that Romney wants to raise minimum wage, install tariffs on Chinese imports, or spend many billions on wars and militarism that destroys capital? This is "broken window fallacy" basic kind of stuff that apparently the Romney Ryan ticket doesn't understand either.

Thanks for passing along the video.

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This posted on behalf of Robert Levy:

As a follow-up to the discussion I thought you would like to review the data on the funding status for the six states that represent more than a third of the nation's population and almost 40 cents of every dollar spent by state and local governments.

Also to be balanced, the worst offenders in the private sector that are publicly traded; with GM, XOM, BA, LMT DAL & IBM representing a combined $110 Billion funding gap.

Un-posted chart shows the six worst states, CA, IL NJ, NY, and TX have a total unfunded liability of $891B. The worst on a per capita basis were IL, NJ, and CA.

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And see Rich Lowry" take on "The Whiniest President Ever"

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The Hayek Group is the political action arm of the Reno Hayek Symposium whose mission is to support conservative solutions to current issues and to promote their intelligent champions. The Hayek Group will do both but emphasize the second part of that statement, that is, promoting their intelligent champions. It will be broader in scope but start away from Washington DC, as Tip O’Neill said so well, “all politics is local!”

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Thank you for your comments Professor Parker,

I apologize for the ad hominem arguments, but I bristle at liberal academia's Keynesian multiplier arguments for greater or sustained spending by government when cuts to that out of control spending should be advocated. Hopefully Governor Sandoval will stick by his guns. See:

The problem is that progressive government goes way beyond the bounds of governing. "Essential public goods" would better be provided by the private sector. Once government gets into a "good" beyond traditional governing, the standard of the "good" is lowered, and private competition is crowded out. Simply put extorted capital, taxes, is misallocated capital. Education is the perfect example of a "good" that has suffered with public control. Private education typically excels in comparison.

As far as the Nevada budget is concerned, I recommend an NPRI piece on TASC:

My take on government is that it has grown too big and created too much dependency. That size and dependency are financially unsustainable and are just starting to be dealt with. Smaller and more local is the key: See my "subsidiarity" post:

Again thanks for the comment. tjm

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Also see Rich Lowry's post, "Rule of Sebelius,"

How long will we tolerate unelected bureaucrats regulating us in matters of life and death? Why are we stuck with a one-size-fits-all form of insurance? And why is health care a right anyway? It certainly isn't under any traditional concept of the term "right." Finally, if Obamacare is so good, why are the unions applying for and being granted exemptions from the mandates? tjm