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The hipocracy is astunding!

if you feel so damn bad about the coyote, tear down your house and get the hell out of there! They were there first..........for that matter so were the wolves!

This touchy feel crap has got to have some probably bulldozed the den when they built our house out there. Didn't think about that did you? Just the great view and living by the ocean.

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No, just a fake Train Tunnel with a light at the end!

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Lady, I have bulldozer waiting if your that sickend! No problemmmooo........should be down in 30 or so minutes.................then you can stop being sickend.

glad I could help

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Obama hasn't stood for the Constitution since he has been in office..........for that fact that Democrats do not support the Constitution!

Bad argument!

I don't know what the Sheriff did or didn't do but he has had the reputation of FOLLOWING THE LAW AND ENFORCING IT!.

Now, on the other hand you have a White House that refuses to follow the law and enforce illegal the point of not taking phone calls from LEO in Arizona, Pulling the cooperative agreement for holding and deporting illegals and Posting a phone number to report RACISIM/Profiling by LEO in the state of Arizona.

Do not bring the Constitution into the argument because this President does not support it! He has said so!

Also, if you insist on writing out the word Constitution in your replies, the C is capitalized.

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Yep! it may.

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These are two of the most disgusting people in the United States..............oh way..........through in Alex Baldwin!!!!!!

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It seems that the Obama camp is proceeding the same way...........Death lists, White House leaks, illegal gathering of private information. violating the most sacred of American oaths.......... The current administration is doing its best to tear down the Constitution and replaced it with what they want to live by!!! A Socialist society!

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If they have nothing to hide as Mr. President has said then let them see the documents and be done. They will be viewed by the investigative panel and no one else, so why not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The problem is that there are noted to be documents for Eric Holder to Mr. President about the "Gun Walking" case and they don't want them released. This is why NUMB NUTZ (PRESIDENT) used an Executive Order.

Now, how do I know that? I don't! But the suggestion has been made that he was informed about the case and would look really bad right now after he has lied about knowing. Just one more lie for this pathetic, socialistic incapable President.

BTW: Posting a phone number the day of the UNANIMUS finding for 1070, about racial profiling of law enforcement is outrageous!!!!!!!!!! You (Mr. Numbnutz President) really have a problem with law enforcement don't you??

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Shoot him and get her some help!