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I'n not sure of the style, but I really like Ghost in a Shell. There has always been something about that movie's art work that I really, really like.

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Oh sweet god yes!!! I have waited the day for Risk to come to Xbox Live, and it shall soon be here! Kneel before Zod!!!

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I remember playing this table top game when I was in high school. I am curious to see how they manage to do good on this.

This reminds me of playing Space Hulk in high school too. Would love to see a turn based strategy game through Xbox Live based on this stuff. It was some great stuff back then.

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This is exactly one of the things that me and my friends feared when it was announced that EA would have its own servers. They are now able to almost force an upgrade in order to play football with your friends online. IMO, Microsoft needs to get involved with this stuff, because a game is sold as being Xbox Live compatible, and if you can't play it on Xbox Live, or you can't get all the achievements because the servers are down, this does take away from the game, if only just a little bit.

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I love my Trials HD, even though I wasn't able to complete it. Can't wait till I am home long enough to download this and give it a try.

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I think that the cost reduction will force the game companies to put out quality work. This will be especially true when it comes to releases games as episodes at reduced prices. If a game isn't worth it, people won't buy the additional chapters. And the game is dead. But something like a good, well developed RPG with a good story, could play out over several, several chapters, each costing just a fraction of what a whole game costs, but once complete, costing much more than any one game would normally cost.

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Having played this game, and was pleasantly surprised by it. Definitely at least a renter if you are a fan of the movies or the books.