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Nice post Jon. I have to disagree with your friend, though. Football is another sport where you can be looking at the ball and get hit in the back of the head at the same time. That, and the new year's countdown in Times Square.

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Whether Jesus is the son of God.

kiiiiiidding.....actually, half kidding

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I agree, John. I constantly feel like I'm drinking from the information fire hose. But whenever we run into our limitations as humans is an opportunity to reflect on God's lack of limitations.

* God never misses anything.
* God watches everything all the time.
* God doesn't need to collect, sort, manage information into understandable clusters and buckets. He understands everything.
* God's management of these feeds of information takes no time, no effort, and he needs no tools to do so.
* God always sees all the “gold nuggets” that are out there.

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I just posted this comment on their blog but I'll post it here too. I'm wondering, once somebody accepts Christ online, how do you then help them with their journey in walking with the Lord? In a physical environment, there are ministries and groups that are designed to help. But in a virtual environment, it's tough. I'm all for using the online channel as a means to spread the Gospel. Just wondering how you've seen either or other ministries tackle this. How are you planning on tackling this with North Point Online?

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Hey guys, this is awesome. I've been thinking about how online experiences would benefit our church. The presentation mentiones 3,109 salvations. That's fantastic! Forgive my naivete (I've only seen your online Easter service), but how do you measure that? Also, how do you deepen their relationship online once they have accepted Christ?

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Love it! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

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I love the idea of pushing the limits of our worship services by adding interactive elements to them. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. Not just about how to use technology in worship but for the church in general. One big barrier to that in my church is the sheer diversity. We are a congregation of about 6000 in Silicon Valley. You'd think we'd be on the forefront of technology use but our challenge is that the congregation is all over the place as far as ethnicity (about 35% black and then a mix of white, hispanic, asian, and other ethnicities), age, as well as socio-economic standing. It's not uncommon to see somebody who was just released from prison worshiping next to a C-level exec or one of the players from the 49ers or Raiders. With that diversity it's tricky when it comes to integrating technology because it needs to be done in a way that doesn't cause division. Not everybody has access to the internet, let alone know what Twitter is. I love pushing the boundaries, though. Not just for the sake of pushing boundaries but for the sake of offering the ability for people to experience God in new and fresh ways.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Is anybody in a similar situation?

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Yeah, our church made online giving available a little over a year ago. According to the stats, I believe about 30-40% giving comes from online now (about 3-4 mil). As far as general offerings are concerned, we don't pass around anything. There are drop boxes in various locations around the church so people don't feel pressured to give and they can give privately and in their own time. A short prayer over tithes & offerings is prayed right before the sermon and that's pretty much the extent to which giving is mentioned.

Tithing is supposed to be an act of worship between you and God so I think it's nice for churches to make online giving available so people can do that on their own time. Now I'm just waiting for a church to create an iPhone app.

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Watch it grow! Ch Ch Ch Chia!

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Cleartune guitar tuner. Surprisingly accurate.