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If you want be so serious then - OK.
First of all you should know that you can't publish anyones sensitive information on the public forums etc. It is prohibited according to internation law. So better edit your post and delete it as fast as possible.

I belive that you start blaming us becouse your(?) website is moved to our scam list. You must know that scam website is not only non-paying one becouse as we know ImperiaGetCash is a PAYING website. The reason why it is removed from our offer is different.
From that I know Adrianos state that we are unable to made profit becouse of lack of ads and low value of clicks that your website CURRENTLY offer. It is really sad becouse ImperialGetCash was one of the best and stable website during my few years "carrer" in this bussines. I really appreciate your effort and honestly - it is really rare in this world (I mean GPT world).

Information about our prize was known to everyone and there is an information about this even on our website:
As you see noone remove or block this post so everyone could know that we win. We are not sharing money that come from contests/advertising etc. with our members. It is stated on "Sites" page that mebers get money only from clicks that they made (sometimes we made exception if someone ask us about that - for example commision from upgrades/mini jobs etc.)

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We are chaning our hosting provider so everyone who have problem with accesing our website - dont worry.

Snoork hosting causing many problems and they decided to end Shared hosting service so we are pushed to do this.

Our new hosting provider use LiteSpeedWeb server technology which is much faster than Apache and have DDOS protection so our website will run faster and more stable now.

Sorry for this downtime
Best Regards

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Hello Jon!
Our website accepts traffic from all over the world. The problem may be caused by Snoork Hosting. Within 1-2 days hosting providel will be changed.

Perhaps the problem creates a forwarding address try without www
for example:

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I had accident on 2011-12-03 and can't be online for few days (not that much as always) so I don't have time to do everything. All status are updated few days ago and all delayed payment from ptc are calculated.

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Since Charles ban refback website many of new admins add this rule too. I can understand why people ban our refback/pts system.
In fact there is no reson to ban this kind of activites. Admin claims that people who come from refback website just click etc. it's not true many of our referrals buy upgrade/referrals etc.
Members that comes from refback website is even more smarter than any other becouse they optimize their earnings.

The only one reason why admin banning us is one - we are cashout a lot of money in short time and many admin can't afford this so they just ban us. It's realy comfortable for them..

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Amazing work!
Thank's for reviewing our website with that many details. Could I refer people to your website if someone ask me how our system work? :)

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I already do it two times but I'n still getting same mesage..

"NOTICE: We are currently in the process of migrating to a new webserver, but we will be online shortly. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for DNS to fully propogate to your location so it may be some time before you are able to access again, but please do continue to check back."

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Any news about their last server move?
It's around week now..

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We are going to change hosting to Snoork. We already paid for one year hosting plan with DDOS protection, also we have just purchased SSL and dedicated ip for our website. I hope this additional protection will help our members felling secure.

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Yes.. we have many enemies, because we are detecting scammers just like you but on other way.
Thank's for making this website, it's really good source for information about website which is added to my refback site. Keep up the good work!