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14 years ago @ Webmaster-Source - Tweetable Twitter Plug... · 0 replies · +1 points support will be in the next release of the plugin for sure. I actually finished that part of the code, but I have some other things I need to fix before releasing it.

And I will consider your other suggestion.

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I didn't say ISPmanager was free, I merely stated that cPanel wasn't. (I haven't compared the prices in awhile, but cPanel might be more expensive?) Yes, *shared* hosting companies pay to let their customers use cPanel. However, is primarily for people who know how to configure servers for themselves, of which most have no need for control panel software. Most VPS providers (including Linode and Slicehost) do not include cPanel with their servers either. That doesn't mean you can't pay for a license and install it for yourself though.

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cPanel is used by a lot of shared hosting providers, and it's not free. Hosts that offer it have to pay for it in order to offer it to their customers. If you want to install it on a VPS, you can, but you would have to purchase a license for it yourself.

Personally, I don't use a control panel, either cPanel or ISPmanager, at all. They're unnecessary and they use up valuable system resources. Learn to use the command line and you'll be able to do things much more efficiently, without depending on a certain graphical interface.

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Oh is it? Well, I'm sure it should be possible to convert the expression to a Perl-style regex and use preg_replace() instead. Maybe I'll work up a new expression and add it here in the future.

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I, too, come from "the real world of servers, progamming languages, and databases." It can "do that." OSX has a Unix core, which makes it a decent server OS, but it's cheaper to use Linux for servers, rather than paying for pricey XServes. There isn't anything "non-compatible" about OSX. It has X11, and runs a good portion of *nix software. Windows is the only "non-compatible" OS.

As for Droid: Let me know when it can keep up with sales of the first-generation iPhone. So far one half of the 200,000 units made have been sold, while the original iPhone sold 700,000 units in it's first week alone.

P.S. Your comment had nothing to do with the article. The post was not debating Mac OS X's merits as an operating system; it was highlighting design principles that it follows. Keep your comments on topic in the future.

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I wouldn't call that a "unique constraint" though. They're overselling their networks, sticking people with crazy-high prices, not delivering the promised service, and not using the money rolling in to upgrade the system. That's a business failing, not a technological one. The "constraints" can be remedied by performing upgrades that are long overdue, not weaseling out of necessary FCC regulation.

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It does seem to be a much more elegant solution for navbars, and I've been using simple sprites for that for awhile now, but I'm just starting to get into more advanced ones. I'm currently working on a new version of the Webmaster-Source theme (same design, but with functionality and under-the-hood changes) that will put a bunch of the assorted images into a sprite. The logo, badges in the sidebar, things like that.

I only wish that it require so much trial and error to get the background offsets just right. I'm always off by a few pixels it seems, which means tweaking the numbers a little at a time until things line up properly. :)

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I think the way Apple does it is much more tasteful. They never flat-out have the character symbolizing Apple say anything bad. They have the "PC" talk and *imply* things in a somewhat humorous manner. They don't flat-out say "Windows sucks because of fill-in-the-blank," which is what Verizon/Motorolla are doing.

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"So whatever the reason is does not allow non-GPL plugins, it is not because that is enforced by the GPL. Rather, it is automatic's deliberate decision to do so. And that's OK. Their website, their rules."

And I'm okay with that. The problem I have is that they're so vocal about other websites not following the same rules. They pressured theme authors to make the PHP portions of their themes GPL, and they're doing the same thing with plugins. The Thesis people are standing their ground so far, and I applaud them for that.

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Good. Sloppiness will not be tolerated! :)