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What an unpleasant distraction form the unpleasantness in Chaguanas.

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Happapp trying to defend his party to the last. Such a futile endeavor. Time will tell fool. Time will tell.

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Can anyone tell me why I would be even FAINTLY interested in Suruj's and Jack's love/lack of love for each other?

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I now remember why I stopped contributing to this blog.

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Idiot. The highway extension to point, highway to toco, higway to MAyaro were all part of Manning's 20/20 vision. Do a lil research and see if I lied.

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They wasn't appointed by the gov't. Is an independent body headed by Afra Raymond who volunteered his services to bring an end to the hunger strike,

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So Rhambiss finds nothing unusual with this situation? Of course not. "By any means necessary" is the PP's true mantra.

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This is the silliest thing I have ever heard. Since when was there ever a public outcry for the DEMAND of a highway?? Was this highway, the one to Toco, and the one to Mayaro, not the brainchild of Patrick Manning as part of his 20/20 vision?? Oh yes! We in Trinidad have a 9 day memory span. So we forgot that like the Section 34 issue. But I am sure no one demanded the highways be built then. I hope they keep a big family day in Penal for these idiots.

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PP finally take over the blogs. At least they achieved one thing.

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TRINTOPEC was the name given to nationalized Tesoro, and it continued to perform creditably until merged with TRINTOC and they became PETROTRIN. The Trintopec portion was for years supporting Trintoc as it continued to perform exceptionally. I hope you read this and learn since you are apparently ignorant of the facts.