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While we are distracted by this preposterous nationalized health care and cap and tax, an army of czars are being formed without much attention given to them..Glenn being the exception..BHO is creating a government inside a government much like the SS in in the 30's.. This freaks me out. There is no accountability..Don't be surprized if a "Thought Czar" appears..

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Maybe Egomania is contageous. You get it from your leaders..

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This will be another bill that no one will take the time to read, or even have the time to read before it is voted on..WAKE UP SENATORS!!

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Major Cook is not alone in his belief..Kuddos to him for standing up for what he believes,

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Three cheers for Rep Boehner..At least I know that one congressman is on our side..

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Billy Mays was an American icon and was an example of the American Spirit..Whether or not you liked or used the products he promoted I have to admire his spirit and see that he was an example of the rewards of hard work and a little hustle..He was what America is all about..

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Our leaders throughout history seem to have a tendency toward affairs..From King David, a man after God's own heart, to our founding fathers, and more recently, JFK and Bill Clinton..I have even heard rumors about FDR...None perhaps handled it quite as clumsy as Gov Sanford however..I do think it would be best for the Gov to step down, but I have no room to judge..Do you..?

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If China was smart, they would slap NK down and protect their interest in the US..Our leaders aren't going to do anything the way it looks..But we can't ignore the bullies of the world..How many threats will we take before we do something..?

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He can't even keep his VP out of trouble, how in the world is he going to keep all these companies out of trouble.? Before BHO's term is up I am almost sure he will try to go for no term limits..He is looking for ways to make everyone dependent on the government...No I take that back, dependent on him..He is trying to install himself permanently..His ego is out of control..

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I heard a report yesterday on Fox that the unemployment is expected to go to 10%. I think it may go even higher. I live in the Texas Panhandle and we haven't been hurt as bad as other parts of the country..Although there are a lot of people out there hustling trying to make ends meet, myself included..No new jobs here; people are just trying to hang on to what they have..