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These supermaket operators are a loathsome bunch. Never forget, they are not here to sell you what you want, they exist purely to sell you whatever makes them the highest profit.

These giant businesses are all about food DISTRIBUTION and nearly 80% of the food distribution is in the hands of a few operators. Folly beyond belief.

Vote BNP for choice and decency

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The Blatantly Biased Corporation passed it's sell by date years ago. For years it has been no more than a publicly funded mouthpiece for the extreme left. Now it is riddled with Common Purpose graduates. It takes, in direct contravention of it's charter, large sums of money from the EUSSR. This is illegal.

I have not paid a license fee (tax) for over 10 years now, they still send out their silly letters and I still drop them in the bin. No one has ever turned up at my door to threaten me, maybe because I'm not a female single parent. (their favourite target)

The truth is they do not want to have to defend the indefensible in court. They would lose and they know it. Far better to lose a few license fees then go to court and open the floodgates. Dismantle the whole rotten structure now.

Vote BNP on June 4

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Simple and straight forward policies. Common sense before common purpose.

Vote BNP You know it makes sense.

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I think the only safe thing to do is to assume that ALL lib/lab/con politicians are thieving perverts in the absence of concrete proof to the contrary.

Vote BNP and get some honesty in your life.

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The destruction of our education was deliberate, all part of the marxist agenda. The majority of the teachers our children will come into contact with are members of the N.U.T. which is headed by the twisted marxist nodding dog Christine Keats. She is also a member of Common Purpose and is therefore guilty of treason.

Last year the N.U.T. asked it's members to contribute to a fund to fight the BNP, demonstrating their fear and hatred of democracy.

Vote BNP. Time is running out.

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Was it Napolean who said "In politics, stupidity is not a handicap?"

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Of course she hasn't read the bloody thing, she doesn't have what it takes to understand it. Reading would have made no difference anyway. This creature is 100% behind the EUSSR and the NWO. Damn them all to hell.

Vote BNP or live as slaves. End of.

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I was there, it was brilliant. The lady is right, if Nick Griffin was allowed on TV he would be in No 10 tomorrow. (instead of that snivelling, traitorous marxist mcbroon.)

We will get on TV and we will get Nick into No10.


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Always remember, these traitorous clergy are first and foremost MARXISTS, then they joined the church. It was the method they chose in aid of the destruction of this great country. It has been going on now for many years. Can anyone remember any of these creatures ever raising a voice against the wanton destruction of family and country because I can't.

Their aims are exactly the same as the politicians who work for our demise.

Vote BNP time is running out.

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2% is about right bodica. This has gone on for many years and is nothing more than a con. I was an industry insider for 35 years. Now I'm a gamekeeper turned poacher. People who invest with my company are getting 5% now and guaranteed for 5 years. When this recession is over and the construction industry is viable again those returns will be in double figures. It's not magic, just a casual glance at a company balance sheet shows where the real value to the investor lies, the secret is in recognizing it when you see it.

It is well past time that the investor got the return he deserves, not the return that has been decided for him.