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This totally captures AB...thank you for posting!!!

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This is a move based on perceived power more than anything else. Yes....the Tea Party folks in general were critical during this election. A simple research and review of individual races shows that there were many groups involved..yes TPP and TPE played in some places but there were joined there by folks who allign themselves with Tea Party philosphy but are part of a local group or no group at all. This isn't about who scored the touchdown but who held the line and moved the ball down field.

This goes beyond rookie....cells are personal...the choice to give out something beyond the office line belongs to the person who has to answer that phone.

As for the suggestion that Flynn, by pointing out this breach and calling it what it is, is a Rhino...really? That is what you are going with? Clearly you haven't read his numerous posts which clearly show his willingness to call things for what they are. This is about calling bad behavior for what it is regardless of who committed it.

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My step-father is a Vietnam Vet 1967-68, Purple Heart. He is an amazing man who, like many of his peers, was not honored when he came home the way he should have been. This goes out to him and all of the great men and women who serve, and continue to serve, our great Nation. Thank you Jon, for such a beautiful tribute.

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#johncusackScriptPitches Raging Bullsh*%..the story of a delusional 40-something and his impact or lack thereof on political dialogue

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I have actually uttered that line about grandpa...mine was a Congressman in the 1930's and was a union guy...but he would be disgusted by how they have morphed. Unions, like the feminist movement, had some good goals and did some good work, but at some point they became a caricature of themselves, more vested in money and power than in the cause and jumped the shark ages ago. Sad really.

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Given the choice of listening to someone named Ben Jealous (much) or Steve McQueen...the choice is obvious...and I looooooooove a seat for a seat

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We need a Tim Scott running in every state. I hope that everyone understands the lesson that Stupak taught us....there is no such thing as a local election any more...we need to find the Tim Scott's all across this Country and support them in every way possible including donations, time, and spreading the word to every Patriot you know....November will be here soon...let's make it a November to remember...Tim, I look forward to seeing you take the oath of office soon!

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I love that idea! Liz Cheney for RNC chair...knowing how the left feels about her father (and I adore him) would have as much head imploding impact as Sarah and yet she is much more saavy and, as someone said, not already a polaring figure....someone get THAT going and I will sign on!

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I hope everyone does at least one simply thing during this troopathon...sponsor a care package. The troops seem to be forgotten in the Age of Obama and it is up to us to make sure they know we are behind them and think of them constantly.

I am not sure many people can truly understand what a touchstone of love a care package from home is. I know times are tight, but think of the smile you can put on the face of someone's father, mother, sister, brother, son or daughter....because they are all our children and we need to show them love!

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I love this song. It gives me goosebumps. This video is especially cool because it does such a great job of capturing Jon's many times on the road performing live in front tens of thousands of Patriots...and you can see on so many faces the impact of the song on every heart there. Beautiful.