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I have to agree with MSR, Russo based his vision around the current roster and made the show unpredictable. Whether he always hit a home run is up to debate, no one's perfect but he at least tried to make the product pop. TNA needs that more than ever with this new time change and current vision. Ace's and Eights is good but what happens after that? Not only that but now the other stories seem to be going nowhere until this whole thing is resolved. TNA needs to have every division ramped up to the nth degree to attract everyone to the product. And like MSR pointed out the hardcore fans will always be there. But the casual fan is a fickle beast. And you must placate the beast.

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Yes it does feature real women wrestling but now with Tessmacher there going more in the Modelesque direction similar to Alicia Fox and so on when before they picked up indy talent that had looks and polished wrestling skill. It is becoming too similar to Up North. And as you brought up the tag team scene its starting to look like the competitions product with made up tag teams and the belts switching too randomly. Where are some established tag teams? But again the knockouts need more polished indy workers and less former Hooters girls.__

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its funny you say 90 minutes what about Xplosion, the post show or spin cycle. Twitter or backstage vignettes available through or what not. There's ways to progress story using whats at thier disposal. And the Knockouts and the X Division where at a time pre 2010 the main attraction at iMPACT. it needs to be so again to separate them from Up North.

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I have to agree this regime is frugal but that lack of diversity of four years ago is what is really hurting the division. Everyone looks generic. Bring in Athena, Alissa Flash and Taeler Hendrix in ASAP. I just read that Hendrix has won the OVW women's title so when is she coming to Impact? I hope we see Alissa Flash as above posters have pointed out she is a destructive force. Go big with the knockouts or go home not everyone has to be going for the title to have story just have entertaining feuds, rivalries etc.. because no matter how many or who is on the roster if you have engaging material you can have a interesting division.

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Never said it was I said heres to a good go home show, referencing the fact that we have the knockout rematch and some others on the go home show and not the PPV

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Loved the review and your right Daniels is saving this angle loved his smarky remarks at AJ. Taeler Hendrix and other future female gutcheck winners should weed out the knockouts who should be sent home permanently. Aries should put up a good fight but lose because he's hasn't really lost a match so here's where he could fall at the hands of Roode keeping the BFG showdown between Roode and Storm going. Joey Ryan would be a wonderful replacement for Aries in the X division. and the afro guys name is Rashon Cameron he reminded me of a miniturized Consequence Creed. Good review here to a good go home show.__

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That would be nice not to have a swerve ruin the outcome.

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Like the list but I would have to add Mia Yim to the list along with the blossom twins, Taeler, Jen Blake and Athena would do wonders to the division with thier youthfull air and ability while keeping Sarita, Winter and Tara rounding out the veterans. That would be an awesome combination that would move the company forward.

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thank you for pointing out the lack of knockouts or information even from Brooke Hogan about what the main event is going to be. But yeah i predict Velvet vs Gail. The TV title more than likely won't be given serious consideration for quite some time I've come to expect that, I've given up hope that the belt will be given prestige like it was given when AJ and Williams wrestled for it.

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Yes just happy that we have a lethal lockdown match. No singles match between Gunner and Garett is a good idea. MCMG taking on Joe Daddies should be a good match in a cage but why is Mexican AMerica still there? Can't wait for thursday to see how the go home show is set up.