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jkesb..You've got some chip on your shoulder...

As I White male I was denied entrence to the UW School of Pharmacy even though I have better people skills, stronger grades and acedemic success than several of my class that were accepted. How do I know that that? cuz at Highline Community College 6 of us were in a close study group taking the same core classes..Chemistry, Biology, Math, Micro Biology et-al so I know how they all did in those courses.

Of the six of us...5 were accepted..A young Black Male, and Black female a young Asian male and female and a lone White Woman aged 45.

Other than the White Woman..who already worked in a Pharmacy as a Tech A and consistantly scored higher than us all, the other four were accepted even though I costantly did better then they on tests, labs and other indicators of leaderships skills

When I got my letter stating they didn't have a place for me, their reason was simple. "The University of Washington is committed to Ethnic Diversity" Those were their exact words...IOf course I should have known my chances were slim as I sat before the ethically diverse Admission Committee.
Interestingly the UW was sued and found liable the very next year.

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The difference is as a parent I control what the kids watch on TV, what movies they go to see and what games they play on the x-box...well...we don't have an x-box so scratch that.

What's next? Showing a bronzed man with an erect penis? I mean it art right

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I wonder how much of the "Porkulus" money will go to soley Union Labor?

100% would be my guess

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if it cheaper than having the same car American built...I'll take it thank you very much

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Good riddence Chrysler...Take GM with you and the rest of the UAW Union

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So how much ya'll wanna bet all the "alleged" defendants are Black?

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But Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will only argue they are suppressed and deserve mercy.

and they'll get it too

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Then why do European's who can afford their own health care costs come here for teatment if their health care is so good?

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Probably was him...being that he's out of work thanks to Obama's giving all the Union Job to the Mexicans so they can be protected

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Then don't bother to argue, but lets be real...who wouldmost likely steal that money jar...A person who is a conservative or has conservative ideals ...or a one who is a liberal?

Be honest here if you can.