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This entire piece was absolutely stunning and necessary. Thank you.

Everything you wrote made me think and gave me emotion; but this section was the gut punch that made me stop for a second to regain my breath:

"We easily remember the names of the living. This is what it means to be, as George Orwell put it, the victor in the battle of history. It is the winners who tell the story, and who cast themselves as the sympathetic lead characters. I recently had to google Trayvon Martin’s name because it had temporarily escaped me, lost for a dark moment in a vast sea of Black deaths by racism. Trayvon was the reason I started writing, why I started talking plainly and openly to anyone, no matter who they were, about the realities of American racism. And yet, a few years later, the only thing I could remember to Google was “George Zimmerman.”"

I don't even really have the words; just thank you again.

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After typing this it feels dramatic, but it's the truth: My life has been better for having The Toast in it. I wish everyone the best!

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I am totes excited about this! (that pun was just too much of a low hanging fruit to ignore)

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Lol, I just looked up thread, NH sounds ridiculous, guess that's another place I'm never moving to!

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My favorite line: "but it’s also easy to conclude that if someone is going to set out on a mountain notorious for its death-rate and extreme weather in flip flops, that they’d find a way to die elsewhere if this hike wasn’t available.”

Let's just not legislate anything then b/c death comes for us all ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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This is great, Nikki is great, her writing is great, and I still find the 'best friends forever' tag completely adorable.

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Guys it's National Best Friends Day, this post just got 100% more adorable

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These are great! And it's kind of adorable to me that Mallory put this together, I aspire to someday tagging someone on a website as 'best friends forever'. Thank you for enriching my day/life and giving me goals I never would have thought to have

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Safety Not Guaranteed was a gem of a movie, and if they either time traveled or were atomized into a fine mist... and I don't think the later is a great ending for a rom-com. Also, look at these nerds flirting: