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Misty of Chincoteague :,)

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1pm on the Gallery steps Sunday. I'll be wearing a bright pink t shirt with a wombat on it :D

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Poundingtons :)

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IT'S SUCH A GOOD BOOK. I bought it last week, and it's so cosy and brilliant. The author's clearly having so much fun, and of course he is, because he's found an amazing topic. Give it yourself as a wonderful present.
Have you ever met a wombat? Ever since I heard about Tonka the wombat who was depressed because he wasn't getting enough hugs, it's become one of my life goals.
Also, if you'd like to have a brew at the gallery and/or a gallery buddy, I'm about this weekend :)

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Whoo! Excellent timing! She's at Manchester Art Gallery, which is a short walk in a straight line from Piccadilly Gardens bus station and is just round the corner from St Peters Square in front of the Central Library. There's a massive Pre-Raphaelite room (though no Rossetti wombats!), so you should also reread the post about Two Monks Invent the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, cuz lots of those paintings are there :)

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Fuck yeah In Our Time :D

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I just wanna brag about living in Manchester where I can go visit the GIGANTIC original of the last one any time I please. Even better, she's lurking in the corner of a huge room full of Pre-Raphaelite babes, and she's just glaring morosely at them as they try to drown knights at such. She's the best. Along with the huge Viking funeral.

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One of the things that scares me most about my depressions is that they will make me unfit to have children, even though I very much want to. I'm really grateful to you for writing this.

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Thank you for putting words to the emptiness I've been feeling since watching that video. I'd resisted watching other videos. I'm from SC, though, and somehow I felt that I had to witness this. And it's just scraped me out. And yeah, I'm feeling this from a place of safety and privilege. A white liberal South Carolinian on my Facebook said, SC has got it right this time. I thought "The officials involved here have got this figured out." SC's responses during the Civil Rights era were similar: they'd do what they had to to keep things quiet, to keep themselves looking genteel and respectable, not like the rest of the south. It's a state that knows how to be violently, systemically racist while still keeping white liberals satisfied that We Do Things Properly Here.
Rest in Power, Walter Scott.

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A joy, a triumph, a delight, a madness! I'm not so sold on Natalie Dormer, but I'm afraid I have fallen breathlessly, giddily in love with Andrea Lam and probably all fellow readers who have now adopted this as their new favourite romantic fantasy. (Every time we went to the V&A, she'd indulge me in visiting the Persian tiles to sip on their gorgeous turquoise.)

Oh, and I've also now bought the book Rossetti's Wombat. I never wanted to be a Victorian before learning that they had pet wombats.