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What form does this bullying take? It obviously would have to be more than some other students telling him he's wrong. In any event there will be far more students who agree with him. Defunding the army is a niche viewpoint.
Last time I looked there were still conservative student groups, has he thought of joining one?

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Actually what Boris' hair says to me is 'I am an older man with a much younger girlfriend. My hair is thinning so I fluff it up to disguise this'. Not really a sign of massive self confidence or of anything much at all.

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Aha Google is my friend. The proposal is to remove the statue of Beckford to an undisclosed location, and return the Cass statue to the Cass foundation which owns it, and can presumably display it as they choose. So far so not very earth shattering, imho. If Historic England approve this it will be interesting to see whether Jenrick plunges into fray on behalf of these two.

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Actually what is the path the corporation is going to take? Plenty of anger in this article but not many facts? Why not add a note to Casson's plaque indicating how he made his money, or does the author really want him to remain exactly as revered as the day he died?

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Also Murray has lost his halo as far as I'm concerned because of his support for Vanessa Beeley, and the pro Assad, anti White Helmets conspiracists, whose international support seems to emanate from Russia.

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Craig Murray may well have the facts on his side, hard to tell though from his affidavit how much of the fishing expedition against Salmon was orchestrated by his enemies in the SNP, and how much is just what the police now do when investigating sex crimes.

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I've lived and worked in France, and don't recognise your description at all. It's also been said frequently on this forum that the Nordic countries have behaved in a more socially responsible manner throughout the virus than we have. I'm not able to say whether that's true or not, but my travels in Sweden and Finland showed a very orderly approach to using communal facilities, and likewise Germany.

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+ 1

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I'm not at all impressed by Davis' assertion that because, allegedly, the FBI don't use juvenile informers, we don't. Crime rates in the US are high, and gang related crime is endemic. Gang members, as here, get younger and younger, and I'd doubt if the FBI would argue that it's under control.
In any event the age of criminal responsibility in the UK is 11, while we don't become adult until 18. A wide range of young people fall into this group. Lacking any evidence linked to by this article I doubt if authorities are placing children in harm's way; it's more likely they are in gangs and looking for reduced penalties and/or a way out.
I'd also add that Lord McDonald has many years of public service behind him, and now would be a good time to take a well earned retirement.

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I loathe this kind of under researched carping article? What kind of oversight, additional to that of democracy operating on a very local and visible level, does Fone propose, and how much will it cost? Who should raise the capital necessary to supply the ' cem and crem' if not the council responsible for providing them? Just what number of complaints about town and parish councils constitutes an inundation in his inbox and does it have any statistical meaning at all?
His alternatives to the precept aren't alternatives at all, as most councils maximize them already, where of course they actually have car parks, which our village does not. And what happens when village halls are shut, as they are now, and organising lotteries quite impossible..
Scraping the bottom of the barrel, I'd say.