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I wouldn't disagree with that, although discipline has to have a purpose. What I was attempting to point out in my previous post is that there exists a subset of parents who can neither provide adequate physical care, nor a stable environment where a child can survive without too much harm. Such chaotic environments sometimes include plenty of wielding of the rod, but in a random, self indulgent way. Not that I would support literally beating children with sticks, and I doubt you would either.
The article is a sensible and clearly heartfelt analysis of a problem that touched me in my working life. I hope it produces some solutions.

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So they don't even need conditional love, as you suggested in your previous post? No love at all.
I should say that I think it's a myth that parents in the time of Empire did not, taken as a whole, love their children, but subjected them only to military levels of discipline, with no affection being shown. They may have been keener on the whip and the strap than we are, but that was rarely the whole picture.

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I think because it hits against a very strong feeling in the British public that it is a huge step for the State to remove a child from its family and place it with another family. In fact, the Press carries more stories about high-handed (allegedly) action by local authorities than it ever does about cases of the kind of persistent and damaging neglect I'm thinking about. I think that for ordinary people outside the care or police system it is quite hard to imagine exactly what goes on in some families. I should say also that adoption isn't a cure all: some fail and many struggle with very damaged children.

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It hardly matters as many children entering the care system have experienced a lack of love of any sort at all. We hear a lot about cruel and brutal parents and carers, but there are far more who are incapable of sustained and consistent care of their children. It was in that area that the SureStart scheme had had some modest success. I hope the Family Hubs will build on what worked there.

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You need to look at why previous attempts to set fire to quangos failed before urging the government on to another unsuccessful attempt. There was a concerted attempt to weed out useless quangos, only to find that most of them were in fact useful and/or popular and disbanding them would involve a too hard task of finding alternative means of getting external advice on complex issues. It seems D. Cummings has some ideas on this, but so far they seem flakey rather than well thought out.
Not a priority imho.

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It's amazing how traditional conservatives don't engage with what should concern them.180 plus comments on Meghan and Harry and a handful on what reads to me like a call to arms to win influence and so seats in Wales. This post isn't about further devolution but about winning over hearts and minds. I really can't understand Conservative Home sometimes.

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Yes it is past midnight, but still it's possible not to be drunk at that time. Are you?. It's also still possible to to answer the points I made regarding the abolition of the Supreme Court, and why the actual identity of the secret barrister matters less than his knowledge of the practice of law.
And btw, strange as it may be, the dummies out of the pram is a familiar Breitbart trope, and not pacifiers out of the pram. Go figure, as they would also say.
Plus, of course, the furious insulting response to any comment which doesn't have an easy answer.
But it is late now, so nighty night.

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Yes, but whoever the secretbarrrister is he or she is someone who works at the sharp edge of legal process. You don't so your opinions are pretty much just wotithinks, and, I'd suggest, likely to be be far less meaningful than theirs. One reason for the separation of the ultimate court of appeal from the HOL to a distinct court was to comply with the provisions of the HRA. Now, there's been a lot of noise about repealing the HRA and coming up with an all British bill of rights, but so far it's fallen into the too hard basket. If it ever gets out of that then I will expect the Supreme Court to be abolished, and replaced with something pretty similar, but with new branding. Of course, I may be wrong, and this government may be dumb enough to send the ultimate power to challenge the legislature back to part of the legislature, but I'd be surprised.
Btw, your phrase about spitting dummies out of the pram comes straight out of the US via Breitbart, where you read it all the time. These are UK issues which imho require UK solutions, not parotting what a citizen of a more powerful foreign power might say.

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Yes, but it's only going to appeal to a restricted group of people imho. Is anyone who has top talent and skills and experience really going to want to work for someone who threatens to bin them in weeks if their face doesn't fit? He has good ideas, but there's something quite childish in his approach which doesn't bode well. I always distrust managers who reference fictional characters when they are trying to explain what they want from you: it suggests that it doesn't actually exist in the real world.