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I find it strange that Kevin carroll dont' have a problem with Muslims. He stated several times in the video that they've tried to attack him with knives and if it hadn't been for a chap who stopped and helped him in his car he would have faced a serious attack.

Strange why would you have nothing against Muslims if they tried to harm you. ? Also why you demostrate against Muslims if you dont have nothing against them ........ don't make sense. I support the ordinary British lads in the EDL for our country alone, and nobody else

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I avoid having anything to do with the Evil anti- British Labour Party. This so called party the Labour Party, hate the native British.

Ban Labour all together from Newport, that,s what i say

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What a load of tosh. This Cameron loves these immigrants look at his record on immigration. He should be more concerned with the welfare of British people. Than being concerned with the welfare of foreigners.

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Yes i totally agree with you Windlestraw i Have noticed the fake sad expressions on these Politicians faces. at the Cenotaph.Hundreds of young British soldiers died in the First world war for nothing them young boys didnt even want to fight the Germans.Would they have gone in the trenches, if they thought a corrupt British establishment was going to allow millions of third worlders into our country,the answer would be NO

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I thought The corrupt British establishment said Black and Asian support this country. Correct me if i'm wrong but i never noticed one black or Asian person at the Cenotaph supporting this country. Doesn't that tell us something. It tells us they are not Patriotic, and dont care about being British, they are just hear for the money. And of course the British government love, them immigrants dont they.According to them an Immigrant from the Third world is superior to us. Thats why they get special superior treatmnent all the time.People wake up the corrupt British Establishment dont care one bit about you !

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Why dont the white ethnic lover his partner go and live on jamaica with him. She obviously hates her own country conditioned and brainwashed by a corrupt ethnic loving british establishment

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The Blackman or crybaby should not dictate when and where we should fly our flag. He is happy to live here and prosper but dont like our flag or our culture. I say go back to Jamaica i dont like you.

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Oh why oh why do the British Government keep on importing million of these Musim Immigrants they are violent and are more trouble than there worth

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Tony Blair is an Evil man who sold his own british people down the river. This man doesn't give a damn all he is interested in is money.Which he made being a corrupt Politician

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I think, Corsham Crusader was mentioned in the above article. I have spoken to Corsham many many times in your BR room and i find him a very nice chap, and he always greets you in a friendly way. Am i kissing A*** no just telling the truth