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The coverage in press of this story is very interesting! Many of the same publications rushing to pay tributes once labelled him a terrorist. He pushed for one man one vote he's a great hero, when we asked for that we were terrorists! when his peaceful protests were met with violence and he defended himself he was a great hero for standing up for his rights, when we did that we were terrorists. when he was imprisoned for defending himself again the press are saying that made him a hero, but when people here were imprisoned for doing the same they were terrorists! just thought i would point this out because i thought it was interesting. Its sad he is dead in my personal opinion.

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I agree. For this reason and the liklihood of multiple loyalist candidates, I see another increase in Alliances' vote next time around

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This is the modern face of the eugenics movement! People were forcefully steralised in the USA upto the late 70's because some crackpot with a doctorate labelled them "socially undesirable" and from "bad gene pools". Those who were victims of such horrible practises were usually from minority groups, I wonder if the good dr works along similar lines?

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That did turn out really badly you are right! Libya, Egypt and Syria are going to turn out really badly too! Once again I am not selling anything! Just have a look at the close links between the National Endowment for Democracy (an NSA instrument) and the Syrian National Council. When you are ready to let go of your outdated paradigm there is plenty of literature out there writen by the agents of the Anglo-American empire who dictate policy through the round table system. Zbig is one of a handful of leaders who dominate the round table system and the fact you beleive the hype that we elect our leaders shows why u have a limited knowledge of whats going on in the mid east. Geo political strategies play out over 25-50 year periods, PMs, Presidents, Shahs, Ayatollah's and resistance movements come and go tzatz but the real power structures have been in place alot longer. REMEMBER I AM NOT TRYING TO SELL YOU ANYTHING!! P.S you have cheek talking about my comprehension!

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So your not going to challeng any points. Of course he armed mujahadin and Al-CIAda. I dont revert to logical falacies "Beware of former Polish nobility" beware of a man who is at least the ideological father of the Obama foreign policy more probably the man directing Obamas foreign policy. If you follow obamas academic career, "community work" in Chicago and his time as a senator, zbig is never far away.

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I am not selling anything tzatz and i don't care what you buy! Perhaps its time you took an objective look at the geopolitical situation being played out in the middle-east no matter where you are from! The arab awakening, as you call it, are a series of western intel colour revolutions just like in Ukraine, Georgia ...etc. The salifists and wahabiists are taking out the Anglo-American empires enemies for them and are ultimately being aimed at Iran. Also they have no military strength without Nato backing them. If they started acting independently as far as the Petro-Dollar goes they would meet the same fate as the mad dog and Mubarak! The reasons for Assads removal isnt the great push for civilisation as Fisk and the rest are propagating but the removal of Irans only real local ally and it has the added bonus of encircling Russia with NATO Friendly nations! Zbignew Bryzenski talks about this exact scenario in his 1996 book the Grand Chess Board, the chapter is called the Eurasian Balkans! Read it!!

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Fisk is 100% pro Anglo-American Empire!! Look at his coverage of Libya and Egypt. The Egyptian case was the imperial equivelant of a cabinet reshuffle and Libya was a bare faced invasion by Al-CIAda (Nato's Arab Legion). He harked on about how these savage muslims were finally embracing democracy just for long enough for the new power structures to be cemented before exclaiming in horror how these noble movements had been hijacked by the crazies. I understand Fisk to be an intelligent man and so he couldnt have believed the narrative he was spewing - the only other explination is he is spewing PROPAGANDA! Then you look at CNN, Fox, Al Jazeera, BBC, Chanel 4, ITN....etc and magically its like they are reading from the same script that Fisk is! Could there actually be a script???!!!! Investigate operation mockingbird before answering that last question.

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Fisk I call you out again as a propagandist for the Anglo-American Empire! Propagating for their agenda, of full spectrum dominance, makes you an accomplice in their crimes!The old "I was only following orders",was not and is not an acceptable excuse!

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Chinese has long been Irelands 3rd language. The Triads have been here for a long time and during the war mostly concerned themselves with gambling. peace has prob given them a chance to expand their businesses.

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Looks like an unmanned surveillance drone being rolled out for police forces in US and England. The are unarmed (hopefully) and are being given to police to stop terrorism and crime. Totalitarianism is so much more fun in the technological age!