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"See...these foreigners are just like you..." The h*** you say? They hang homosexuals and stone women and the like. They'll even execute a Christian pastor because he left the religion of "peace" to convert to Christianity. Yeah...he'll apologize for America and he won't do ANYTHING if we are attacked on our soil. The "liberal" is the one who is posing as a conservative. You know...the one you happen to support. Oh, and btw...many liberals think 9/11 is our fault. What does Ron Paul say about that? The End.

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Even though Ron Paul gets some things right, make no mistake...he will apologize for America--just like someone else I know. I'm getting tired of that, aren't you?

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Marriage is between a man and a woman. Always has been. Why is there such an assault on it? How did the argument turn to discrimination? If you love a frog that's your business but it doesn't mean I have to recognize you're married to one.

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I am way past Mitt Romney's smooth talking BS. Listen to how he addressed the accusations. (Or lack thereof) I'm telling you...it's about to get ugly between Newt and Romney. Romney has the money but he's gonna have a hell of a time debating Newt as time goes on.

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Barack Hussein Obama...mmm...mmm...mmm...2 years in the Senate. Rick Santorum? 12 years in the Senate and actually active in NATIONAL SECURITY MATTERS! Wow. Once again, when Barack Obama walks into a room he ALWAYS seems to be the one least qualified to serve as President of the United States. November 2012. There's plenty of hope. Time for true CHANGE!!!

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This guy.... better known as a "b**ch n****a" where I'm originally from...a true coward. No wonder she was struggling in Iowa with him backstabbing her. By the way, I love Meghan Kelly. Isn't she great?

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I miss a president like Ronald Reagan. A leader like Reagan isn't ashamed to be an American. We need another strong leader like him...soon.

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Yes...Barney Frank is usually involved in cover-ups. In this instance? Please cover-up. Please.

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Bill Clinton. Richard Nixon. Jimmy Carter. That's right. Personally I have so many issues with Barry Bonds and cheating but bringing up the race issue really doesn't matter when we can cite people of ALL colors who have been deliberately dishonest. Barney Frank? The End.