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As one who lost both calves (6 weeks apart) to a cougar last year, I'm a proponent of protecting property owner from predatory animals. But I'd like to extend the authorization to landowners selling permits or letting other to hunt the predators on their land. It's a small mitigation to the loss of livestock.

Livestock kills from cougars has soared in the past year in Grays Harbor County. Unfortunately, DFW has neglected its RCW-mandated responsibilities to keep up with the information recording as I have documented to the local press and state reps.

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ObamaCare Authorizes Sterilization for Minors -- which I wrote about in detail at http://graysharborgop.blogspot.com/2012/08/obamac... means adults who convince minors to get sterilized won't have the consequences of pregnancy. That will only increase sex exploitation. If you want to protect minors, don't promote early sexuality for either gender.

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Professorial Dishonesty also is a problem. A case at Grays Harbor College, where tenured history professor Gary Murrell is on record lying about history, deleting student homework assignments during the term, and flunking a student who disagrees with the professor's incorrect knowledge of history, is documented at http://graysharborgop.blogspot.com/2012/05/academ.... Help us fight intellectual dishonesty at all levels of education. How many students suffer when a professor flunks them for not reciting an incorrect history? All the steps to remedy this have been taken, and the College refuses to address the lying or deletions.

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The Democrats are fervently trying to tear down the hydro-electric dams that provide inexpensive power and irrigation water to farms. They fired Dr. Houser, a Dept of Interior Integrity Officer after he blew the whistle on the DOI's false justification for removing the four Klamath River dams. The DOI also wants to remove dams on the Snake and Columbia. Progressives want to revert America to pre-Columbian times. They hate modern agriculture.

What are YOU doing to stop them? Voting against them isn't enough. You must help conservative candidates.

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Be thankful that conservatives challenged the Dept of Labor onerous rules that would dramatically reduce farm experience for kids. If Obama wins in November, expect Big Government to try again!

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To drive home my point about progressive misinformation and malfeasance as Obama epitomized during his speech, I just published a novel, The Carbon Trap, <a href="http://www.rainforestpress.com," target="_blank">www.rainforestpress.com, and available Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. I find promoting conservative values through storytelling may be the best way to drive home the point. Besides it's a lot more entertaining (and yet frightful) to project what progressives would do given even more power. That I detail in the action/adventure book with romantic elements.

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USGS in 2008 estimated the Arctic to hold 400 billion barrels of recoverable oil. If the US has 10% of that, there is enough oil to fund 20,000,000 teacher years.

New technology has been developed to dramatically increase recovery percentage, reduce pollution and energy consumption, and reduce waste of oil sands. This alone could dramatically improve US energy security...IF China doesn't preempt us and get the oil shipped directly to them.

New in situ thermal extraction technology that uses a new flexible ceramic heating wire coating can dramatically improve oil extraction from America's 800 billion barrels of extractable shale oil. THAT is a game changer. IF progressives, in their attempt to de-develop America, don't stop it.

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Tell HBO what you think about Maher's promotion of hatred, violence, and intolerance. http://www.hbo.com/#/about/contact-us.html/

If you have HBO, cancel it. Tell them you won't take it again until Maher is gone.

And tell any of the sponsors of his show that supporting him is supporting intolerance.

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Let's see under Hillary as SoS: North Korea still is being bought off; the Arab Spring is going to the Muslim Brotherhood; restraining Iran failed; we're still in Iraq and Afghanistan; Europe hates us; Latin America has turned away from us; China and Russia threaten us; what's to love?

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The auto industry is being supported by government's forcing the destruction of American cars by the mandating of ethanol into the fuel. The auto industry found half the cars tested with E15 were damaged or destroyed by ethanol. It is the unions and government who are pushing E15 so that Americans will be COERCED into junking their older cars and buying new.

Too bad the press hasn't put one and one together.