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Dude is a dead ringer for the brainwashed young political rats devoted (in a somewhat amoral way) to Tim Robbins in "Bob Roberts." He'll have a swastika carved into his forehead in a couple of years.

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Repugs love their En Ef El. Rushbo, Dennis Miller, Hank Williams (Jr., not the talented Sr. one who drunk hisownself to death rather than live to see how his disgrace of a son would stain the family name), Rubio... It's nothing but episodes of violence punctuated by committee meetings, played by overgrown, steroid-fed cretins who can't think for themselves. It sounds just like the GOP House caucus, in fact. Still can't figure out why W gravitated toward baseball.

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That's smart, because refusing to talk about it will just make it go away/not happen.

(Yikes -- the stupid is encroaching me in Colorado: Utah, Oklahoma, Arizona. I'm beginning to feel surrounded.)

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So somehow W nominated -- and the whole fuckin' U.S. Senate approved -- this guy's LIFETIME position on the bench ... and there was no vetting that would have revealed his Klan membership? WTF? Meanwhile, B. HUSSEIN NObama can't get even committee hearings for some of his (imminently qualified, non-racist, wise-Latina-type) judicial nominees, just because he's blah? Makes sense to me.

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Mahousu, that fancy writin' of yours has me all turgid!

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I'm OK with that. I mean, if I have to listen to virulent, hate-filled gay bashing, overt racism, unseemly anti-Semitism and general conservative blather, I might as well be able to rub one out whilst watching.

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Wait -- he was interested in women of the female variety?

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Thanks for posting this. I just contributed, and I just passed your suggestion on to all of my friends (which, admittedly, isn't that big of a number). I do love irony.

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Get a brain, morans!

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Wait. What was that phone number again? I was thinking maybe people should call it to schedule appointments. They accept Medicare, don't they?