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Two things:
1 - you don't need a Concealed Handgun Permit (the actual proper term for a "CCW" license in Colorado) to protect yourself in your own home
2 - don't open the door for everyone who comes knocking on it without knowing who's on the other side first

I am thankful nobody was hurt. I also pray this creates some awareness for the need for everyone to practice basic safety when it comes to answering the door, especially during odd hours of the day or night.

I'm also curious why the PD or the Sheriff's Department failed to secure the two firearms found in the vehicle and allow the media to make camp near the open passenger door.

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A classic case of "play stupid games, win stupid prizes" on both sides of the bumper.

"Mother of the Year" could have simply left or should have called 9-1-1 to deal with irate strangers preventing her from leaving. And yeah, she shouldn't have been a lazy Mom and just taken the 30 seconds to pop her kid out of the car to head in. She certainly had no right to run over another person and I'm glad assault charges have been filed.

"Nosey of the Year" should have recognized this wasn't an emergency requiring the police to intervene, should not have instigated a confrontation by calling the mom names, should have apologized and just gone on her way. Instead, as much blame resides with her and her boyfriend for escalating the situation past the point of no return. I'm sure that's going to be a bitter pill to swallow, along with a lot of painkillers and anti-inflammatory meds.

In my eyes, there are no true victims here and this was completely avoidable situation endemic of the worst parts of this new "see something, say something" culture of blame and one-upmanship which has become so popular in Boulder County.

Stupid prizes, indeed. But the consequences should be recognized by everyone involved.

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As reported in the former mom-and-pop paper who sold out to a larger corporate newspaper company partly owned by a larger national newspaper corporation, shuttering most of the local offices and costing local jobs in Longmont and Loveland. Before you paint Lowes and Home Depot with the brush of faceless corporate capitalism per the popular tenor that seeps from the Boulder office, please make sure none of that paint got on your hands.

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Boulder-run paper reports weed squeezings are a miracle drug.

Another masterpiece by the Times Camera. I miss Longmont's newspaper.

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Our touchy-feely criminal justice system clearly isn't working and seeing this fella is a known recidivist, maybe we can lock him up and keep him out of our community this time??

Gosh, what an idea!

Or, we can let Darwin figure this one out... it's only a matter of time until he enters the wrong house and finds himself on the other end of a gun.

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I'd be willing to bet "that one guy" tasked with keeping the license up to date won't be the only one who bothers to ask about the renewal check next year...

Mayor Coombs may not have been the one who actually dropped the ball, but I don't think that's gonna matter much to anyone who just got some unexpected time off work. Honest mistake, sure... honest, irresponsible, and our Mayor.

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What's one of the most important tasks for the owners of a brewpub... make sure your licenses don't expire. This isn't "being harsh" because he's the mayor... that little "SNAFU" could cost some of their employees their jobs. It's "news" because instead of owning up to it or (God forbid) asking if the license renewal check got cashed, he blamed it on someone else. Shocker.

I can only imagine how hard this was for the Times Camera to publish...

Maybe that brand new pub just down the street with its open sign lit just got a late Christmas present ;-)

I LOVE how folks are calling a state liquor license a "formality" and not that big of a deal, it is a singular gateway to doing business as a bar/brewery... it's more than a little piece of paper.

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Moreso than the food quality (it's IHOP, folks...) and the service (it's Longmont, folks...) I seriously hope they address the vermin / bug problem. Before they closed, my family was having breakfast when a friendly little cockroach - yep, we looked him up later - sat down in our booth and hung out with us. The manager couldn't muster as much as faked surprise as she comp'ed our meal and said she hoped she'd see us again. I seriously hope the new owners spray the place from top to bottom and prevent that from happening again. Shortly thereafter we learned from a friend all of the restaurants in that little strip have bigtime problems. It's going to take more than some new decor to get me to take my family back there again.

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Perhaps the caretaker of a mentally ill family member or resident shouldn't let them play with fake guns that look exactly like their real-life counterpart firearms...

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Buy a sprinkler. Your neighbor's property value will thank you later.