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In the present competitive scenario for getting employment, your site would provide much-needed info for job aspirants to succeed in their interviews. I wish you a grand success.

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Very informative post on the Korea Electronics Show. Though, I won't be attending, still the information is useful to me.

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I agree, problems of India have genesis in bad governance of the country. We have enough resources to prosper if these are not cornered by politician-administrator nexus.
Population is a problem here just because we have no intentions of utilizing this huge precious resource through providing opportunities to work.
Free doles, in disguise of social welfare schemes, are cultivating mentality of beggars in the people who expect everything without doing anything.
Democracy is a mockery in India, and it is simply Plutarchy.
All these aberrations are just because Indians do not yet deserve a democracy and our constitution is faulty -

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I mean that there is a crisis of character in India in general, with of course some rare exceptions, which do not matter much.