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Didn't Chris say just one day ago still gets a thrill when he sees Obama? Whatever - Chris you idiot - you and your ilk talked dopes into voting for this totally inexperienced, unqualified man with a good number of questionable associations. You are one of those that overlooked, overlooked, overlooked and could not contain yourself - and you are one of those "we the people" can not stand because you did your nation a grave injustice by yakking up this incompetent President. Didn't you say you felt you would be responsible for promoting Obama's Presidency - now live with that. Of course this arrogant President did not speak to his generals, his opponents, his leaders in Congress - he vacations and goofs off - that is all he does. Obama has no idea what a full day's work is like - neither does Biden - and his cabinet members apparently do not even read their internal memos or e-mails - they could not properly manage a department of 3 people - pleeeze.

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Don't care if Republicans/Conservatives put up Donald Duck - just get Obama out of office. But Gingrich - now there is one capable person - experienced and could wipe the floor with Obama in debates.

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This President insults the intelligence of the American people day after day after day. He has a low opinion of the citizens of this country - even Obama can not comprehend how so many people threw common sense to the wind and elected him President.
His speeches are not Presidential by any stretch of the imagination - Mr. President - the "working stiffs" are tired of listening to your ridiculous rhetoric - same old, same old - maybe we ARE ready to balance the budget on the backs of those less fortunate - we are so sick and tired of hearing about it - maybe the "working stiffs" are ready to balance the budget at any cost.

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I would not admit to voting for this man - means you do not take your American citizenship seriously.

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Chris Christie is telling the truth - he is being upfront and honest - he has respect for the people questioning him - he is evaluating a very serious situation - in the long run - telling the truth is much easier than lie after lie - no money to meet promised raises and benefits - it is what it is. There is no where to go - but confronting and dealing with the issue - Christie is a lot smarter and respects his fellow Americans, his neighbors a lot more than our President who gave a State of the Union Speech and completely ignored the truth and the hard facts - talked about a bright future - honestly - Mr. President the question is - how do we get there from here - we are in a deep, deep hole - far better to have told the truth - the hard facts - than to treat us like morons.

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Presidents - from either party - as part of their employment package - should be provided with vacation time - perhaps 3 weeks in total. Why on earth should "we the people" pay for 3 or 4 vacations each year - or perhaps more - luxurious vacations at that - when taxpayers pay for what is certainly adequate White House and Camp David staffs and upkeep - there is nothing lacking at either facility. These Presidential vacations are big, big, big deals - costing incredible amounts of money - sorry - Presidential candidates spend millions of dollars to get the job - so once one has the job - WORK - STAY ON THE JOB. Obama seems to spend more time in AF1 than in the Oval Office.

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Many of us could not believe the Jewish American community backed Obama in 08 - his associations clearly put him in the pro-Palestine camp- the hand writing was on the wall. But that community is not alone - the majority of voters did not read, analyze, think, read again - they just fell for the snake oil salesman's pitch - and now the entire country is facing the consequence.

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since we are hoping, why not hope for getting along - why not hope for a President that appreciates our allies, a President that is not rude to our friends and bows to our enemies - there is a lot to hope for when reviewing the actions of this President.

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How sad - thinking of Europe - the generations that were faithful - so faithful as to build incredible buildings - create fantastic religious art work - all in the name of their faith - that attitude is gone today - replaced by mankind's arrogance and ignorance.

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One would think everything about Sarah Palin has been written already. How much dirt can be uncovered on one relatively young woman - who the MSM would make us believe has hardly any life or political experience compared to the very experienced genius - Barack Obama. In 2008 - if there were as many authors just working with facts about the Obamas - Sarah Palin would be Vice President.