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In case anyone else is missing 1x07-1x08: http://markdoesstuff.fetchapp.com/get/fdbaa971

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Fire Red by Qitana

Hey, Jealousy by RC_McLachlan

hood & glove by Fahye and hawberries

don't look back in anger by dadvans

these things they make us sentimental inside by lazulisong

Neon Pink Motorcycle by goldheart

cinderella by verity

Howl by Anna (arctic_grey)

From Almaty, With Love by BoxWineConfessions

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Fanfic! *looks at twenty pages of Ao3 history that are all YOI* What have I gotten myself into... I cannot hope to link everything I like here, so this is the tip of the iceberg. In addition, there are a number of tumblr users who not only write fic but build off each other's posts with beautiful results; my favorites among them are dadvans, lavenderprose, spookyfoot, cafecliche, lazulisong, rcmclachlan, codenamecesare, kixboxer, kiaronna, and kevystel, among others. EDIT: ...if I try to even tag everything with one line, this will be too big for five posts. So the list is going to go (pairing) G -> E.

katsuki_fc wrote - For everyone who wondered what actual figure skating chats would look like during YOI.


Russian for Dummies by cutthroatpixie

ascent by kevystel

The Power of Love by kiaronna

Friendship!!! Is Magic by afrai

Like a Fairytale by lucycamui

On My Love by RikoJasmine

Stargazer by Fahye

we'll always have paris by spookyfoot

You can have everything... by shysweetthing

you're like heaven to touch by lazulisong

Calligraphia by emilyenrose

Call Everything on the Ice... by shysweetthing

The Rules for Lovers by ADreamingSongbird

No Less Unthinkable by rageprufrock

so this guy walks into a bar... by silvercistern

Undiscovered Country by shysweetthing

If It's You by Kiranokira

all the world's a stage by braveten

ebony & ivory by wbtrashking

You Can't Plan For Everything by RivDeV

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A poster for the Grand Prix Final.

What really should have happened...

A selection from madelezabeth's brilliant Yakov's Perspective on YOI comic (click for the rest).

In contrast, how training in Russia might go...

Is this or is this not how WTTM got started? (trick question, it totally is)

A selection of the massive amounts of gorgeous Stammi Vicino Duetto art.






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[youtube -jmHe2W4L7Y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jmHe2W4L7Y youtube]

Fanworks thread! I'm going to link the AMVs I love here (shame you can only embed one per post), and the replies will contain fanart and fanfic. Above is my favorite crack video - snatches of songs with clips. (There were a LOT of these.)

Prime, a stupendous AMV by my favorite editor!

Never Look Away - a beautiful and emotional AMV.

All Day All Night - a very well edited AMV.

Lucky - a painfully accurate AMV about Victor and his feelings before Yuuri.

I see that The Rules for Lovers has already been recced, but another one won't hurt.

How To Be a Heartbreaker - a Yuuri-centric AMV.

The Death of a Bachelor - as several fans have pointed out, this is a perfect Victor song.

---The following AMVs have spoilers for the WTTM OVA clip---

Shape of You - a short Otayuri AMV.

not today - an excellent action-packed AMV.

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-THE DIP!!! THE CHEEK CARESS!!!! HOW VICTOR LEANS INTO IT!!! THE LIFT!!!!! The constant, CONSTANT switching of 'masculine' and 'feminine' roles as they move!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!
-AND YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS??!!! It means they HAD to have practiced this at some point! You don't just sync up like that with a few days of practice! Think about them skating together, practicing those lifts and turns and dips and caresses THIS WHOLE SEASON BEHIND THE SCENES.... aaaaaaaaaaa :'''D
-Okay, okay, I think I'm done
-Except not really because then YUURI. IS LIVING. IN RUSSIA. Because Victor needs to coach him but also needs a coach of his own, and these two dorks have a Hallmark movie reunion after less than 72 hours apart, long-distance coaching would KILL them. And Yuuri has Makkachin with him so he's probably living with Victor? It would make sense to share living space in a foreign country, and oh yeah they're ENGAGED, and eeeeeeee :D
-I can't find where it was said, but the creator stated that they cut to black as Victor was smiling because his expression was only for Yuuri. 8D
-And then... See You Next Level. And the fandom EXPLODED. Catching up a year and a half later, that doesn't seem so shocking, but you have to understand that Yuri!!! On Ice was a complete wild card in the beginning. NO ONE expected it to do very well. This can easily be seen in the lack of merchandise when the series began airing (which they've worked overtime to rectify ever since). Throughout the whole series, fans were very conscious that these twelve episodes would be all that we were getting; no second season had been ordered, no OVA episode was in the works, the creators had said that the story only lasted for one season. After this, it was over. And then the series took its own advice and implied, at the very end, that the story would continue. And we were ecstatic.
-Tumblr actually stopped working for a few hours the day episode 12 was released; YOI fans were quick to take credit. Whether that's true or not is debatable, but Crunchyroll and several other anime streaming sites also crashed the same day due to the increased traffic, and YOI trended in the top 10 for the next week straight.
-That's all, folks! A movie is supposedly in the works but has not received an official announcement, let alone release date. There is one more extra clip and accompanying short manga in the YOI universe, but since Mark has not mentioned or scheduled anything regarding that, I'll have to treat it as rot13-worthy still. I really hope he does do it eventually.


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-I'm pretty sure Minako satisfied a life dream with that wink.
-If Otabek is looking for a career after he retires, he might consider motivational speaker! His internal monologue while skating is super inspiring, especially delivered with his serious conviction. With the frequent cuts to Yuri Plisetsky, it begs the question of who he's addressing...
-That jawline is so sharp it could cut a man.
-I... have issues with the results. I know I'm not the only one. Yurio has made progress this season, but narratively speaking, I don't think he's changed or grown enough to deserve a gold on his very first season. Especially with scores as close as that and insulting Yuuri to the very end. I don't care if it's a twisted expression of a crush, Yurio's not going to learn that he needs to change at all if he gets the ultimate reward for his current level of effort. And as a Yuuri fan, I wanted that gold so badly I could taste it.
-And I'm sad that Phichit ended up last. Someone has to, and as we were pointing out about Yuuri all that time ago, sixth in the Grand Prix Finals is still pretty amazing. But it has to hurt, nevertheless.
-...Yuuri, I know you're slow to reach conclusions sometimes, but Victor was all but beating you over the head with his desire to be kissed. You really didn't get that from "something that would excite me"?
-Well, I guess pushing him to the ground and straddling him as you declare your intention to stay together longer works.
-Also, did you notice during the zoom-out that they apparently stayed that way for ages after the spectators left and almost everyone had finished up?
-THE EXHIBITION SKATE. A lot of people (Mark included) seem confused about whether this is a dream sequence. It's not. Exhibition skates are done by the medal winners of the event after it has concluded. It's an opportunity to show off your creativity and have fun without worrying about scoring or deductions. Or, in this case, to have another skater come on the ice without immediately disqualifying yourself.
-The fandom had wanted a pair skate for so!! Long!!! I couldn't possibly link all the art people drew of Victor and Yuuri pair skating! And now this!!!! In matching outfits no less!!!! That isn't even Victor's outfit from last season - the trim is now silver to match Yuuri's and the colors are different, more purple! They're skating in perfect harmony I'm cry
-The lyrics have never been more appropriate

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In the end, there is love.

My thoughts are too scattered to do a normal review, so I'll just say this. The weeks I spent in the YOI fandom while the show was coming out were some of the happiest of my life. I had lacked a community and a direction in fandom for years and didn't realize how badly that had affected me. The YOI community was vibrant, loving, and enthusiastic, and it was just what i needed at that time in my life. Things may have slowed down with the lack of new content, but I still have good friends that I made in the fandom and the anime is full of good memories for me. I hope I've conveyed even a tenth of what those weeks were like for everyone watching now.

See you next level.

Everything else:
-Yuuri is an ugly crier, but Victor has those perfect Ghibli tears that look almost unreal. I think that has something to do with how their emotions affected them, as well; Yuuri had been worked up for a long time and was finally releasing his emotions, whereas Victor was just utterly shocked and heartbroken such that he could barely process it. His body hadn't had the time to work up a full-body cry yet.
-Their first squabble was over the nuts, but Victor and Yuuri's first real fight was in the hotel room. It was the first time they were on diametrically opposed sides instead of trying to comfort or appease each other as best they could.
-That's the actual Stephane Lambiel providing the voice! As it turns out, many professional skaters became fans of Yuri!!! On Ice while it was airing, and Stephane in particular was happily to agree when asked to voice a cameo.
-Victor's lack of energy is startling. We haven't seen him this bad since before he met Yuuri.
-JJ is so loud and present and put-together that I often forget he's canonically only 19. It's natural for him to still occasionally need his parents. And his parents also mean a lot to him as coaches; every other coach wanted JJ to conform for a while before they would give him free rein. JJ was lucky to have ice dancers as parents who could help him with the sport, but it can make things stressful when the people you look to to provide unconditional support also have to criticize your performance as coaches.
-"Nothing is so beautiful as a tale that never ends." The reason for this anime's final screen, perhaps?
-Phichit, bless your heart. He's so positive amidst all this stress, and his goal is so cute!
-I reeeeeaaaaaally thought they were going to kiss before Yuuri went off to the free skate. I still would've liked it, but oh man, that hand touch speaks volumes. Especially the end, with both rings so visible, clutching each other tightly and Victor's fingers lingering as Yuuri pulls away...
-Those are the happiest tears I've ever seen.
-Have I mentioned before how particularly rewarding it is to see Mark react to this show? He has expressions that rival Victor's during Yuuri's performances.
-Look, I have emotions about Chris and gold. Do I want Chris to win over all the other skaters there? No. But chasing after something for so long, finally having the faintest hope of getting it, and then seeing others sweep past you... Chris's face in the kiss and cry gives me emotions.

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