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There have always been supra national organisations, they used to be called empires, and according to liberals or liberal conservatives, they were nothing more than the exploitation of some to benefit others, with the benefit for the masses generally nothing more than a bit of trickle down prosperity.

If the EU is different, then why is Germany not transferring funds to Spain, Italy and Greece, they arn't because they are using the EU, and the Euro, as a captive market for their goods.

Why if it is a democracy of 28(27) do all the major changes to its treaty base always come from discussions between France or Germany, why does anything that France or especially Germany want, get discussed and agreed by a small group, before being presented as a fait accompli to the rest. Why has nearly every proposal on Brexit been defined against how Mrs Merkel might consider it.

We live in a German economically controlled empire in all but name, what Germany wants, Germany gets.

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" But the 70% will most probably vote Conservative anyway,"

Quite possibly , but the current performance of this government over Brexit is testing that loyalty to destruction, the question is how many can they afford to lose. Of course despite all the moderate/Remainer rhetoric, the 30% are just as likely to vote Conservative as well.

You certainly aren't going to attract anybody at the moment from anywhere pratting about with a fence post up your backside.

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I'd vote for a party led by JRM, and I haven't voted Conservative since before Maastricht, so there is one new vote from a UKIP voter who won't vote for the current LibDem in charge.

I think you'll find it's the 70% who will swing the election. The party hasn't a snowballs chance in hell of attracting moderates and Remainers from the LIbDems and Labour, but it can attract large numbers of social conservatives and Brexiteers in the old Labour heartlands if it grows a pair. . Perhaps it's time for moderates and Remainers to go where they should have been in the first place in either the LibDems or Labour, because the only possible growth in support for the Conservative Party, isn't going to come from Twickenham, Bath or Richmond on Thames, it is going to come from Sunderland, Hull and Blackburn.

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I'm afraid the reality is the movers and shakers in the party still think that when it is time to put your 'x' on the ballot paper, people will still vote for them on the basis of keeping Labour out.

To be frank they are probably right, although whether that will be enough if the kippers who came back to the party after the referendum, leave again after being betrayed, and they are joined by perhaps a few percent of those who stuck with the party under Cameron.

It all depends I suppose whether a new party appears in response to the likely betrayal.

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Of course she was pressured, through character assassination by party spinners in cahoots with their media friends.

However she did bottle it under a bit of pressure about her background, which does not make for a good leader.

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They didn't 'WIN' elections, they just happened to be in charge when the public decided the alternative was worse .

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How on earth could JRM be anymore of a disaster than May, Cameron, Howard, IDS, Hague and Major.

With possibly the exception of IDS, the rest are over promoted timeservers, lacking in gravitas, lacking in the will to succeed, pragmatists or to use the correct description, defeatists always looking for the easy option. History is full of such people.

If having faith in your country, faith in its people, a belief that charity begins at home, and that we should stand up to bullies, then i'll take half a dozen disasters like JRM any day of the week, and be happy to stand alongside them.

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More like an 'In your dreams ticket'

How exactly do you sell yet another Scottish Dream ticket to the English, after the partisan pairs of Blair/ Brown and Brown/Darling.

With all due respect, across whole areas, Scotland governs itself, as does to a lesser extent Wales. If there is to be any balancing of the equation with the current abortion of a devolution settlement, Scottish and Welsh MP's should not get within arms length of running the only government that England has.

The Conservative Party may well be a party for all the countries in its own imagination, but their willingness to participate in the discrimination against England in the devolution shambles questions this, making any attempt to hand more power to Scottish and Welsh politicians, completely unacceptable.

I wouldn't trust any Scots or Welsh politician to be impartial in matters concerning the governance of England, they don't deserve to be trusted, as they have shown on numerous occasions. Even English MP's fail most of the time to look after the interests of the English.

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For all those who have lost faith in Mrs May, what's the plan if we end up with the worst of all soft Brexits.

Come the GE and she is still the leader, what are you all going to do, we already know what you will do if they replace her with another liberal clone..

The crux to effective political pressure , is to impose it when you have to. Will you punish the Conservative Party for the betrayal by May, or will you follow the well worn path of compliance to doctrine by falling into line and voting Conservative to keep Labour out.

You do know that the party leadership is comfortable in betraying you because when the chips are down, they know you will always vote Conservative. I'm afraid there is no point in having a big stick to wave, if the people you are waving it at, know it's made of balsa wood.

What will it take for you to actually bite the bullet, and stand up for conservative values and democracy, because one day if you want change, you are going to have to.

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@ Milton 19888
What a simplistic way of looking at the world. Fishing was a major industry before the EEC and the Common Fisheries Policy , and recovering the right to fish British waters exclusively would allow that to be rebuilt to some degree.

What is it with you people, you should be retitled the defeatist generations, British motorcylce manufacturing, which once dominated the world was completely bankrupt 30 years ago, with nothing more than a few hundred specialist bikes being turned out, we couldn't apparently compete with the Jap bikes, so people like you were saying we should give up on the old metal bashing industries.

By your measure it should be all over, abandoned, but thankfully British industry is led and driven by people who know they can, rather than on-line defeatist bloggers who don't know anything. Triumph now is once again one of the the most cutting edge leading motorbike manufacturers in the world. Last year sales £500 million to 57 countries. A similar story could be made about Jaguar/Land Rover, finished a few years ago, but now selling 600,000 cars worldwide, with a turnover of £24 billion last year.