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For tracing to work, testing needs to be (1) readily available; (2) easily accessible; and (3) quick. None of these conditions have ever been met in the UK.
Readily available means anyone with symptoms can get a test quickly, done by a medical professional. It does not mean calling 111 to get a test kit sent in the post.
Easily accessible means walk-in testing, for example at the local GP surgery (remember them?). It does not mean being sent from Woking to the Isle of Wight (I quote the example I know personally; others are available)
Quick means within 24 hours at the absolute maximum (so posting back a sample wouldn't count)
That really shouldn't have been all that hard to do, but apparently it was,
Given an adequate testing process, tracing needs to be local, run by, say, the Public Health Directors in each area (or otherwise, what are they for?). What is not needed is some remote call centre run by a sometime McKinsey consultant and friend of Dave.

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On Talk Radio this morning, Julia Hartley Brewer said that in his investigation Sir Alex Allen did not speak to Priti Patel. I have not been able to find this reported elsewhere, but since his report has not been published, with or without names redacted, we do not know to whom Sir Alex Allen did speak, or what was said. We can only speculate. But if JHB was correct, then a plausible speculation is that in the matter of a dispute between an elected minister and civil servants, the investigation was carried out by a former civil servant, who only spoke to civil servants. What a process.Does the manner in which the investigation was carried out measure up to the standard of impartiality required by the Civil Service code? Or did Sir Alex Allen thinks as follows: "Priti Patel is a bully. I'll talk to some civil servants who thought they were bullied, then in my executive summary I'll say she was a bully". Maybe that isn't what he thought, but that's what it looks like.

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A short-term strategy is just a tactic. We can only wish that Boris has a strategy.

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He became an MP in 2019 and still has hopes of a ministerial career. Is any other reason needed for him to vote with the government?

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In rejecting the "One China Policy", Mr Reed seems to think that a Two-China Policy is an available option. Given the way that the People's Republic of China behaves, we would have to choose between PRC and Taiwan.

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Politicians believe that the solution to any problem is to pass legislation, and hence, after the Grenfell tragedy, we have, as Ms Buchan tells us, " the Fire Safety Bill (which had its Second Reading in April) and the draft Building Safety Bill (which was introduced to Parliament in July)."
However, my understanding, subject to the findings in due course of the Grenfell enquiry, is that the flammable cladding affixed to the exterior of Grenfell Tower was not compliant with regulations as they then existed.
Could Ms Buchan tell us what she would propose to ensure that construction is compliant with existing or future regulations?

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"With the help of government funding, the region is pioneering new technologies" - picking winners, eh? That's the New Conservatives.

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May's intervention was all about "I knew what I was doing and Boris doesn't". Frankly, it's hard to see what value there is in May staying in the HoC, and judging by her manner of speaking on the subject of the National Security Adviser - I saw it and it was grim - she has already started her own sulk. Let's not forget that the big security idea of Sedwill (May's chosen security "expert") was cosying up to China.

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" This included securing telecoms companies to provide broadband to hundreds of social care homes". There's your first problem right there - why does NHSX think it should be doing that, and for what benefit. Another NHS grand scheme. Another problem: how does 22 years in the Foreign Office qualify Maththew Gould to be first, Director General for Digital at DCMS and then CEO of NHSX? I'm sure he's a good chap, but where's the technical expertise? In fact only one member of the NHSX Board seems to have deep technical experience.