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You WILL encounter rattlesnakes. It IS NOT a nice place to hike. It's hot, dusty dry, with a great view (and smell) of the Coors Brewery. I know. I bought a house on Sharon Parkway and sold it almost immediately (that was after the skunk attack on my dogs in our own yard and two encounters with rattlesnakes in my home.)

Don't know what the authors consider a good spring nature walk (well, apparently they like this one), but with all the beauty and natural open space trails in and out of Boulder County ..... Table Mesa isn't one of them. Join the Birding Group ... they take Wonderful! hikes, with nature and beauty all around, as well as our area's incredible birds.

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Pugnacious comments, Kerry. What Obama Care DOES do, is cover mental illness and preexisting conditions. It assures that you, with preexisting conditions, can get the care you need. Have you even looked? Even Illusions mentions he found a great plan.

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my thought as well. Don't know why you're getting negative reaction to such an obvious conclusion.

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Except when they decide to sell off parcels, which seems to be occurring more and more.

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Now that I know the family's history, it makes sense that they went out of their way to allow the Bosnian Refugees who had jobs buy their first car in this country on a monthly payment basis, with little or no interest as I recall. We've referred a lot of folks there over the years; a more honest "used car" dealership you'll never find. Glad Robert has such a good job now, and we wish Dad a grand retirement!.

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Do you actually think people will vote on "hints" you've heard? How stupid do you think we are??? (that's a rhetorical question, since your bias and previous intrusions prove you DO think we just fell off the turnip truck.)

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Every statement quoted by a council member speaking to this issue sounds like a pre-approved script written by Gary Klapake. Everyone carried one of Klapake's buckets, except Christine, who .... SURPRISE was out of town ........again.

As far as Christ-Janer Karey hearing "hints" .... HorsePucky. Why don't you tell us exactly what these "extremely innovative programs" are, Karey? And, how do you know these "hints" would be available to cities which DO have franchises, too?

What do you people not get about NOW. We have to stop using coal/petroleum/gas polluting energy products NOW. Again (sigh) ... why would ANYONE sign up for twenty years with a corporation/company and not be free to implement the innovative products immediately as they become available???? Don't any of you object to paying for Xcel's mistakes in other jurisdictions? E.G. Boulder's Smart Grid. E.G. Boulder's Eruv. E. G. Cost over-runs on many of Xcel's projects -- For heaven's sake .... THINK for yourselves!

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Weather services and news stations report rainfall in Boulder at 16.22. Close enough, Comp.

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My goodness ... you missed the entire point. You -- seems to me you're the bitter one -- are resentful of your fellow human beings who happen to encounter uncertainty and random - well, chaos. Let me give you a short example of victimhood AND acceptance (I know, a concept perhaps beyond your ability to comprehend.)

A childhood friend's mother contracted polio. When I met her, she was in a wheelchair. Her husband was in prison for molesting his brother's daughter. There were three children, one, my friend. Her attitude was more than accepting ... she kept her small home spotless by crawling along the wood floor to keep it clean and polished. As time went on (years) a government program made it possible for her to go to Opportunity School to learn bookkeeping. It paid to have a taxi pick her up in Wheat Ridge, take her downtown, pick her up to take her home. She did so well in school she got a job at the Federal Center. Real work, a grand achievement for this victim of polio. All the while, keep in mind, maintaining her cheerful, positive "attitude."

On her first day of work, it snowed like crazy, and the taxi driver dropped her, breaking her leg. Being in a wheelchair, the cast on her leg stuck out and she obviously couldn't continue to work. After six months the cast came off, only to discover that the doctors had set it wrong .... sooo....they broke the leg again, reset it, hoped for the best. Finally, the cast came off .... AFTER she'd been diagnosed with breast cancer. Because they took lymph nodes as well as the breast, her arm couldn't drain fluids properly, so she spent her day with her arm tied up to a pole. Of course by this time all but one of the kids were off on their own, so the youngest one shouldered the responsibility of staying home with mom. I won't go into the details of her daily routine, but you can imagine, getting up, dressed, bathing, etc., etc., etc., ... all with such a positive attitude that at times it was unbelievable to me. After healing from that, she got cancer on the other side. This time, she refused treatment of any kind. Of course, she died. All of this over a period of many years; her support came from the government -- from people like you and me. She was my HERO. She did NOT choose to be "exactly" where she wanted to be. She WAS a victim of incredible circumstance and chaos.

Now you tell me she was lonely, with a bitter attitude. She was a dear, shining example of positive thinking ... the sort of thinking that has served me well in life's journey. How you can purport that everyone ... EVERYONE ... is exactly where they "want to be" ... proves to me that there is evil in this world, and it is people like you whom I choose to avoid like the plague. You will 'get yours' at some point. With your attitude, you won't survive, let alone thrive. May your black soul at some point be touched by someone like my friend, Florence Zellner ... a very poor person ... in terms of dollars; a wealthy, rich beyond imagination soul, who touched many with her good cheer and courage ... and not an ounce of angst. Someone(s) paid ... but what the world got back from her was priceless. Hang onto your hard earned money, buster ... you're going to need it. (aside: god, I don't know why I bother with you or people of your ilk.)