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Congratulations!!! So many happenings in the 'tron world! Sounds like you and the Professor's night and day schedules will hopefully work to your advantage. What a fun new adventure for you! Can't wait to see what your new house looks like.

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Cerulean rules!!!

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I've been road-tripping across the country all weekend with my sisters, and I just came home to two amazing surprises:
1. My hubs worked all weekend while I was gone to set up our spare bedroom as our crafty/computer room!
2. Seeing my bouquet on my favorite blog EVER!!!
Thanks, Princess Lasertron for making my week!!

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Thank you so much!!

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Must. Have. Owl. Bag.

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Our first song turned out to be completely different than the one we picked out. It was later in the evening and a few people had started to leave. We had picked out "The Way You Look Tonight" and thought we'd throw it in if we had time, it wasn't a huge deal to either one of us. We were enjoying ourselves mingling about with everyone while our favorite local band (and good friends of ours) played. Our friend Holly brought her cello and wanted to jam. The singer/groomsman got on the mic and insisted we dance to "October Rain", a song he wrote for his girlfriend. It was just him, an acoustic guitar, the cello and me and Eric. It felt like the first time we had really gotten to talk to each other all day. It was also really fitting because it had been raining all day. I'm glad we decided to have that moment, cause it's one of my faves.

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Me gusta!!! Here's my question-
As if meeting Martha wouldn't be enough, who would you want to be a guest on the show the same day you're on it?
One more question-
You've obviously been very successful with having an online store. My friends and family keep trying to pressure me into having an actual store/ gift shop *shudder* (not my cuppa tea) versus an on-line one. Have people ever tried this on you? How did you respond?

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That just put into words what the lump in my throat has been trying to say every time I walk through a crafty store or an antique mall or flip through the pages of a design magazine.

I got married last weekend and my Hubs and I decided we wanted to do the whole thing from scratch...decorations, favors, ceremony wording, everything. I was so excited to be consumed by such a huge project that meant so much to me. It was such a creative high to see things come together. At the low points I would think, why can't I just be happy with all the stuff that's already made and packaged, all I have to do is buy it and I'm done!?! Then I'd stroll down the wedding aisles and practically break out in hives from all the cookie-cutter, fill-in-the-blanks, impersonal items they had to offer. It's not in me to settle for that. So I get down to work.

Anyway, that piece was absolutely beautiful and couldn't have come at a better time. It reaffirms my faith in my creativity and the path that I am contemplating. Thanks to the writer for letting you share, and thanks to you for sharing!!

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So where does one get an application to be said, "another employee"? I can send you my craftfolio :) But seriously, I'm interested.

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I'm trying to read the rest of the comments but my computer is lying to me! It says it's loading comments... No it's not!!!

Anyway, I would wear the heart shoes, think I forgot to mention that.