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One of those eco-boost 3 cylinder jobs would work really well in one of these little guys. This car. Seems like. It has. A lot of potential. Or just drive and enjoy as is. Wheeeee.

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This time of year just set both dials to 74 and click the slide over too auto.. One of the eastest HVAC I have used and pretty good at keeping the heat or cool that it set at.

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Somthing that I think just makes one look like the masses are basball hats that have television show names on them. I have a hard time finding a hat that fits just right and when my brother got a duck dynasty hat I had to try it on too see if it fit right. To my surprise it was a very comfy hat, too bad it had been branded. On another note last christmas I decided to grow a beard to see how long I could handle it, about two months in it was not growing out straight like I wanted so I asked around to see if anyone knew of a way to keep beard hair from fuzzing up. The replys where oh so you want to look like the guys on duck dynasty! I had never heard of such a thing untill then and after getting not a single tip I shaved my fuzzy looking but long if straight beard. Ive since come to like dd.

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I had an old panasonic clock radio with the alien green display for a very long time. While I have suffered from sleep disorder since my early teens I had to turn the face away from me to keep myself from looking at it every couple of minutes. I long ago got rid of the clock but my wife has a 15 cobra branded one that she keeps set twenty of so minutes fast which, every once and a while makes me ask wh. She says its just somthing she has done and keeps on doing.

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Manual septic system evacuation evacuator. Or maybe a firewoodprocessor.or a soil screener. Ill go with my girst guess.

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Hahahahahaha. these are definatly halarious. keep doing them