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No, the Jobsian version is CMD+Space (Spotlight)... and (based on work by QuickSilver) it can launch everything.

I love it and I can teach it... it's visible at all times in the top right corner, and the keystroke is only for those who "get" key commands.

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s/Religion/Spirituality/g ... and I'd agree. Religion is just organized spirituality.

Even Buddhism, which is the least dogmatic of the world major religions (which some consider it a philosophy rather than a religion, but hundreds of millions of followers would disagree) is full of tradition and rites that dilute and stray from the core spiritual message.

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Agreed about Macbook Air - several coworkers have replaced their aging home laptops with a new tbolt MBA (I'm holding out for 8GB RAM or 15", or I'd have done so also).

Also, anecdotal evidence for iPhones suggests that folks don't buy based on product timing entirely. I know 2 folks who (since they're off-contract now) bought VZ iPhone4s,, switching from ATT & T-Mobile. They did know the iPhone5 would be released soon, but didn't care... the stability in product line ensures that it won't be some enormous leap forward and they needed a new phone.

Finally, other markets than the US may not see the iPhone5 till well into next year, also making an iPhone4 purchase reasonable within the "transition quarter".

All in all, I don't expect the dip to be much.

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The iPad is really poised to take huge leaps of the medical informatics devices market.

Right now I see so many PC carts in hospitals where an iPad would do much better. Keyboards are a bacterial infection nightmare, wheareas you can wipe an iPad clean (and if you're really paranoid, you can encase it and wash the enclosure).

Add to this many cases (EMR) where even a "tablet PC" is a horrible form factor (fans, spinning rust, overheating processors in addition to non-sanitary surface) and there's a lot of upside here for both Apple and companies (like GE) who take time to deliver a App+iPad solution.

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What's the units/marks on the X dimension? Quarters?

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Glad to see Horace is listening to my comments about the pincer: http://www.asymco.com/2011/06/06/peak-rim/#IDComm... http://www.asymco.com/2011/04/18/the-android-step...

ok, j/k, I know most of my insight is from Horace's data and interpretations anyway.

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Both HTC and Samsung got a "Nexus" model, while Moto did not (unsure of why this is the case, perhaps Google just didn't work well with Moto's management?).

Also Moto had recently been sued by Microsoft over patents and are counter-suing. Meanwhile HTC folded and are paying Microsoft royalties per Android phone, and Samsung and Microsoft in 2007 signed a broad patent-licensing agreement.

Finally, though the "Droid" brand started with a Moto phone, it's now used by HTC and others seemingly interchangeably (Droid is a Verizon brand, I'm sure with "payments" to Lucas).

So Moto isn't getting love from anyone, while others are seemingly more connected. Not sure why about all this.

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This is completely natural. Apple is going for profitability (they maintain high profit margins and do not license their OS). Google is going for the network-effects monopolizing win for which you measure by marketshare.

No one knows which is the more effective in the long term, so they don't try to directly compare them (if it's even possible to compare them).

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I'm guessing that reasonable prepaid data is the thing that will make or break this concept (as an iPhone without mobile data is a bit gimped).

I could live with pre-paid phone if I could forego the data plan or get pre-paid data at a reasonable rate (no data plan = ipod touch phone app plus cell radio).

Even better would be the iPad innovation: data-as-optional, with realtime activation on-device (I'm lost in a new city with my prepaid "iphone lite" and want cellular data - I goto settings and sign up for a month of data immediately so I can use Maps and get where I need to go).

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For all of you thinking this was bad and unprecedented to save all the dancers, remember season 6 (or was it 7) where they had the first week with no cuts?

I think they realize that some of the folks who make it through the first week or two make it on luck and the ones who get cut are usually unlucky.

By dropping 4 people next week, it puts the dancers in even more pressure... and I do think this week's results will be weighed appropriate (Robert has a big hole to climb himself out of).