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THe prompt for a shave at Samurai Shave is the same for any other place people use. If it really was that bad then someone would have shut it down/take care of it.

Its the same reasoning people use for fake stories, rumors, and places that sell food that need to be shut down by a health inspector.

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Is he eating the chicken or preventing more people from eating chicken?

In a way he is making it so more people will stop eating chicken thus saving chicken lives. Then again how long will it take till the cheif decideds to make a large chicken sandwhich?

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I will never look at T bone stake again. He ate fish and got fish bones. Ate a turky leg and got a turky bone. At the T bone stake and pulled out a human skeleton... How much of that T Bone stake was actually cow?

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The correct answer is the Baby! The phone is a phone and the fake sandwhich is made out of plastic! The so called "baby" actually has a hidden comparment holding the real sandwhich! After all you would never truly have a real sandwhich just sitting on a table without a plate.

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The true super hero play. He turned a moment of weakness into strength. Who else can play their weakness and end up comming out on top as if they didn't even had one.

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No the only question is... Was the first old guy there during the explanation meaning he quickly turned into an old man? Or did he go so fast the he is the first old man and managed to have a son pop up too! There might even be a third one right there!

Run for the hills!

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You know if you actually thought about it. Did you really need to put the ones that lived in the ocean on the ark? Come to think about it... Did he really need to add the ghost pokemon either?

Still love the fact MewTwo was used. He doesn't need dual types or those magic items to make him look/be of any use. He is best even with all these new pokemon.

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Can we get a version without the sunshine? He can still giggle and such but I would like to see the battle!

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Remember the good old days? The days were hard ment working harder. Were a man would have to think or plan to get past a hard level. The days of the forbidden mazes that would confuse you in navagating?

Well no worries here. Tried of hard fights? Try cheap fights that will kill you in one shot or camera screen you to death! Tried of working harder or even planning? Use our special luck system where god is the only thing that can save you! Tried of those mazes? Try our new and improved lines walls! They will be a straight line that will.. some how still confuse the new players on where to go even with the arrows to guide them out? Well next patch will just replace it with button time events!

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And this is why I lay the handheld version (Expect for the DS one with touchscreen only controls)

At least it doesn't make me want to claw out my eyes latter.