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Liow, instead of attacking the new lose coalition as a mess, why don't you look inward and ask yourself as a BN coalition partner why people have to resort to this measure? Have you had a satisfactory accounting of Najib's billions? If you say yes, then you are not a trustworthy or smart or reliable leader because the government's arguments, explanations and justifications are full of holes. There is no credible investigation carried out. And we know there are recommendations to charge which the AG has refused to charge. Are you really so blind to what is right from wrong, black from white? And aren't you worried that a few ministers sitting in a cigar room will make a decision to declare a state of emergency and suspend elections without consulting the YDA? MCA oh MCA, you are so beholden to them that you have lost your conscience.

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Najib is farsighted. With the rate of illegal logging in Malaysia, we will soon have deserts in Malaysia.

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Salleh obviously is not properly schooled in constitutionalism and what suffering it took before we had the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. There are things considered sacred to human life and dignity and in their pursuit of happiness, one of which is ability to speak out without fear of punishment in any form whatsoever for challenging governmental policies, When Salleh speaks of "withdrawing", it is typical mindset of a dictatorship who thinks that they are the gift to the nation, that the nation belongs to them, and it is their entitlement whether to give or take away from the rakyat. Obviously, it only confirms once again that Malaysians do not welcome, and should not deserve, this kind of despotic leadership.

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Yes, Malaysia can certainly be a biomass hub. Its cabinet ministers bullshit day in day out especially over 1MDB. Might as well make something good come out of that.

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So DBKL is "surprised" at the lack of infrastructure damage - big deal. They are just begrudgingly admitting that in all previous rallies, it's the authorities that f**ked up.

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The deputy Home minister is of course speaking to rural malays brainwashed through mainstream media. He knows lawyers are already saying the assembly is peaceful - it is properly legislated, and the courts have put its stamp of approval.

Why Dataran? This too, he already knows the answer, but is asking a rhetorical question for his rural propaganda. That's the case with all forms of protest. We find a spot which is most symbolic. It's Stadium Merdeka or Dataran Merdeka. Not Bukit Jalil stadium. Not Selangor stadium. certainly not the school field near your home.

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That's nice, we finally have a youngster that can become the lightning rod of other youngsters to dislike.

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It's rich coming from Muhyddin. Was he not in government when the police clamped down violently and excessively against Bersih 3?

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The Merdeka survey's ANALYSIS is misleading. It gives the impression as if more non-Malays will turn up compared with Malays. Malays are almost 3 quarters of the country. even if their percentage is just 30%, the numbers turning up should be the same as non-Malays. In terms of numbers, the non-Malays would not "dominate" the rally.

It is not so different from Republicans vs Democrats. As long as a fair number of whites are prepared to vote for Democrats, and the rest of the minorities also side them in much greater numbers, the Democrats will win elections.

In a nation that has been divided this long by mainstream media brainwashing, it is to be expected. But as time passes, the tide can only continue to turn against UMNO/BN.

And know this - no matter the propaganda, if the police react violently this weekend, public opinion will surely, and quickly sway against the Najib administration. That is why the first choice that Najib wants is to have less people turning up - hence the recent mixed messages and misdirections over the legality of the rally, or how wearing yellow tee could likely cause public disorder.

Malaysians only need to make it out to the city centre. Once you are there, chances are short of a serious provocation, the police will not act violently because Najib knows how bad that will be for him within and outside Malaysia.

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PAS couldn't be more daft. UMNO no longer needs to deal with PAS now that PAS has quit Pakatan.