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I'd have thought the same thing but it really is just one of those freak things. I heard yanny at first but can only hear laurel now. I played it for my co-worker who was unaware of all this and even though all I was hearing was laurel at that point, he was hearing yanny.

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The commentators calling Reigns the big dog sounds so forced...

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So you had a chick pea on your face last ni-ohhhh I get’’re a funny one dilligaff. (This should be read in the voice of Stewie Griffin)

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Well Wrestlemania is usually where feuds have their final blowoff match and now this card has rematches of both the world title matches.

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This is why I’m confused lol. There have only been 4 Universal champions: Balor, Owens, Goldberg, Lesnar.

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Didn’t he defeat the Miz for the U.S. belt in the WWF as well? Along with the WWE Heavyweight, Intercontinental, and Tag Team Championships shouldn’t that put him on the list? I thought either Universal or WWE Championship works. Or am I missing something blatantly obvious?

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Wouldn't Bret Hart also qualify?

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It says he is the 12th grand slam champion under its current format; what do they mean by "current format?"

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Because one of the few remaining ways to truly work fans these days is to do something like that and let reports of the incident leak out. If this was all captured on camera no one would buy it's legit. Don't get me wrong, not saying this is a work, but if they were trying to work the fans this would be a way to go about it.

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From a Kayfabe standpoint I can’t think of any reason Heyman would turn on Brock.