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Where to begin! I'm viewing this issue as the PSTN becoming the minimum broadband connection required to sustain what our society and culture defines as communications today.

So, it might not be a shock for me to view this as a minimum 10Mbps full duplex connection with incentives today and co-op oriented drivers to achieve 1Gbps full duplex. I'd view this in terms of 10Gbps being increasingly common for interconnects and 100Gbps being a just around the corner for wider markets.

Consider that POTS sustains audio or a certain bps dialup data connection. Next consider that when POTS was out and about the bundles at the far ends were in groupings of OC-3/12/48/192. Clearly we've been successful at the voice side of things and as a country -- not dead last in terms of broadband penetration.

What is clear though is that the Internet and how it becomes as critical to business as having a hard phone line was a few years ago -- and what requires the type of high speed network that either can prioritize multimedia commensurate with consumer and business demands OR a network that is so engineered as to have capacity to handle what is needed today with an eye to the burst and growth we have seen in the short history of a wider socially connected web.

I think it was Enzo Ferrari who said it best about network design... QoS is for those that cannot engineer a network for capacity. ;-)

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Yes. Yes. Yes. And..... Yes.

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I think that SaaS will simply be SaaS no matter if it is software, security, or storage... just as pork is the other white meat -- security/storage will be "the other SaaS" since software was minted first if not the most prolifically.

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I view Google Buzz as a grander experiment in social sharing vs. collaboration. Many tend to trot out examples like Orkut when discussion Google and social but Buzz has a stronger discovery model (who to follow) related to Google Profiles. Also, Google Buzz was turned "on" for everyone on Gmail whereas Wave was an invite only period of greater than 1 year.

As Buzz primarily is link/image sharing with a post body and obfuscated slug, Buzz is a sub-1/10th feature set offering compared to Wave in that regard. With many things Google though, it's often more a function of the things Google learns than the things Google does.

I'd expect to see grander experiments over time from Google. Heck, that's where the term "preview" vs. "beta" was most prominent I think.

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That's an excellent view into the growing Facebook peer network. Thanks for the link!

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Hah! While that's very true for some folks -- in practice I rarely reply via my AT&T iPhone 3G.

The primary benefit, again, is the variety of notifications I can customize -- regardless of what I might carry in my pocket (my Verizon phone is just a mobile phone) -- and for the specific emails that I care about for a specific period of time.

That said, an AwayFind application for mobile phones is a pretty good idea!

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I'm an advisor to AwayFind (yay disclosure!). The highlight for me as a user of AwayFind is the immediate value I saw from day to day use of the service.

I've been using the AwayFind expire features to be notified immediately over a period of the next day, week, etc. This works well for the critical messages where I want to know exactly when a reply is received but I do not want to sit in front of my email (or computer for that matter).

My most recent example is from my trip to SF for the TechCrunch Social Currency CrunchUp and 5th Annual Summer Party. I wrote back to several replies asking for calendar updates from my clients and instead of having to camp out in front of my laptop -- I just set notifications to give me a phone call.

I set notifications to notify me of a reply for specific people (or companies) and when they do reply I get a phone call from AwayFind that reads back their reply. I also have custom replies setup for various people and companies for the moment the reply hits my inbox. These custom replies let me manage their expectation of a response from me.

I also reference the urgent contact page in my regular communication:

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Cases and Cheetos for all my men!

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