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You just won't have to bend over as far....

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And now Copley wants to move the police dept out there. Next comes the courthouse (any bets?) and circuit clerk. Then all the lawyers follow along with bail places and such. And the downtown area goes down another big notch. Do the plans show all the possible expansion. They've already said it.

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So what is the state average? Remember approximately half are above and half below...above average is pretty meaningless.

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I hope the forensic course is a holistic science approach including math and statistics too.
But I have to ask...what is it replacing?

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I'm sure your shtick is a bit different then it used to be too, eh?

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Oh yeah...big bad government profiting....
Let's have some facts instead of emotion....the COST for all the student loan programs was over $15B. There isn't one category of loans that made a "profit". http://atlas.newamerica.org/federal-student-loan-...

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This sounds suspicious....an armed robbery of somebody sitting in car?
Hmmmm.....any bets there is more to this story?

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Is there a police department in the country that represents it's own community? There are cultural reasons that nobody wants to talk about....law enforcement is not looked upon very well in minority communities (black, Hispanic, Asian). Becoming a police officer frequently means being ostracized from your community.
Then you have the college thing....besides getting a degree (another minority problem) there's getting a degree in law enforcement (see ostracizing above). How many LE graduates are minorities? I'll bet it's pretty low. Then there's the chicken-and-egg problem. Why would a minority want to be the only one in a policed dept?
There's just all sorts of reasons while this may be laudable goal...the real fix is much harder than just asking people to apply.

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How about we change the law instead? A few too many might do the personal appearance just to go for the ride.

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Forget the transportation cost....set up video hearings like have been done in other places. You can do it now with a $300 laptop, a webcam, and Skype. No reason to transport for a bond hearing.