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Currently, cloud computing platforms are developing rapidly and playing an important role in IT infrastructure. The two platforms of this type that are dominating the main market are Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Although it doesn't have as wide coverage as Amazon's platform, Azure is still appreciated for its incredible growth rate.

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Thank you for this tip: Stop installing software under AppData. "In my view this is done for the sole benefit of the developers, and in detriment of the users."

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To put it simply, BI (also known as business intelligence) is a form of technology that helps businesses understand the past, thereby making decisions, actions and predicting the future. Where BI includes skills, processes, technologies or applications to support decision making

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The plus point of Windows Store is that it gives customers a sense of security. Applications that want to be posted to the Store must go through Microsoft's censorship, this is the process of removing malicious and malicious apps to users.

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Nintendo is a very innovative player in the console market, both in the mobile with the Nintendo DS and in the home console with the Wii. It is no exaggeration to say that Nintendo is the company that almost completely changed the way we play games, so that Microsoft and Sony have to follow with Kinect and Move. Now, Nintendo has continued to unify innovative control across both the Wii and DS series, and add enhanced graphics and control features to a single console, the Wii U. Will that change succeed while the dedicated gaming console market is increasingly shrinking?

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It's fascinating, I want to try it. It looks very attractive and inviting.

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I'm a bit slow to understand. What does this say?

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Great! But now it's 2022, after 10 years, I still haven't seen this type of mirror on new cars for sale.

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I really like your quote:
"I often have more on me than I can bear and you know what? That's why I need Jesus."

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Really, the content is very important, it must attract the attention of readers to have comments.