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Good point. FU Institutional Left.

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You don't speak for every young Conservative, you speak for every Conservative. We are going to miss him a lot.

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This is awesome. What a great person to dump ashes on! Cohen is an idiot, but I do love this.

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You forgot the time you spend posting your ignorance on the internet.

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Please learn what crony capitalism means before displaying your ignorance in front of all these people.

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"You have been sold a bill of goods. You have allowed people to muddy the water and conflate destructive speculation and criminal acts with some simplistic notion of bartering to give it some sort of false-nostalgic roots."

No. Actually, you have.

Best of luck.

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Oh I see.

People we have someone here that doesn't understand the difference between the terms "capitalism" and "crony capitalism".

Please educate him, people.

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"Did they vote to remove Glass Steagall?"

Actually, Chris Dodd did and Barney Frank didn't. You can see the roll call on the vote right here if you choose to educate yourself!:



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You don't participate in "capitalism" at all right? You don't exchange goods and services for currency right? You are completely outside of the capitalism system right? Not just another party of it? You don't have a job and exchange labor for currency? You don't accumulate wealth in your bank account each month, which you then exchange for goods and services?

Good to hear it.

Interesting. Well I guess then if you really practice what you preach then you really aren't a hypocrite.

Otherwise . . . .

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You should apply that philosophy in your own personal life.

Give away all your money and never buy anything from anyone again.

Best of luck.