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Starting with overdue reform of the House of Lords. It would also be nice if the Government started concentrating on some of the issues on which they were elected and in which the public have an interest. They give the impression of incompetence and drifting from one trend to the next. It is difficult not to agree with whoever who said 'We have got to get rid of all this green crap.'

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From Wednesday of this week, the English Premier League plan to have their players promoting this organisation on their shirts when football resumes. Whatever happened to 'Kick Racism Out'? It seems the EPL now support those whose aims are to smash capitalism and defund the Police.

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Apart from the lefty journalist pack, nobody in the wider world gives a toss about Cummings. Most people know someone who has ignored the lockdown.

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Rather than arguing whether Bercow should receive a peerage, we should be doing away with the Lords and moving to a federal UK, thus completing the devolution circle that 3 of the 4 nations of the UK currently enjoy.

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It’s no use crying over spilt milk. Perhaps in 41 years time, they’ll be given the opportunity of voting the other way.

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The ‘express’ will of a majority. There’s the rub. Unfortunately, never accepted by some.

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A ‘final’ say so long as the result is Remain? Who don’t do democracy now?

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Move the May Day holiday to 23 June. Who wants one in January?

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Change the May Day holiday to 23 June, Independence Day.