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CCHQ's customers are 1) MPs and 2) the press and 3) organising campaigning activity / membership. Of those things, only campaigning activity, membership etc, makes sense to move. Moving the research bits would disconnect them from ministers and Spads, which is just silly and recipe for division / being ignored, and moving the press bit would undermine our links with most of the national media. This also feels like something of a kick in the teeth for our staff, who worked hard for the election result.

If we want to be radical, lets look at moving parliament, not messing about with our own, currently successful, team.

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The most important question is what will happen if she goes. If it is the same result as now, it is foolish to change. Better to package the disquiet and use the reset a change of leader will eventually provide to recover. We need to set emotion to one side for a second, do what some failed to do previously, count very carefully, work out the full solution, and only then act.

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She'd still be a Conservative MP, just someone else would stand in her stead at the next GE.

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FFS, even the parliamentary party wouldn't back WTO, let alone parliament. This is nonsense.

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May cannot leave without a deal. Parliament won't agree it and anyone who thinks she will prorogue hasn't paid a spot of attention to her.

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How do you get parliament to agree it?

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This is just nonsense. The commons has already voted to avoid a no-deal. The idea the EU will ride to the rescue is at best extremely unlikely, given the efforts they have put in to overturn Brexit. In the meantime Mr F will keep appearing, florid faced, on the BBC, bellowing about surrender, until all the normal, non-political, people who supported Brexit begin to think they made a mistake. Which is exactly what the Remainers want- and exactly why Mr F gets so much air time. At best this position is a dangerous gamble- perhaps we can get out with a better deal, if we wager against it the risk of never getting out, at worst it is just a refusal to face political facts, where vanity and stubborness are as much a threat to Brexit as the Remainers.

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With respect to Harry, this does not meet his usual standards. Much of this land is miles away from anywhere, and presenting the totals conceals that. Anyone with familiarity with the MOD knows that it has been trying hard to sell the valuable stuff, see the planned closure of RAF Halton in Princess Risborough, and recent discussions on RAF Scampton etc. But we also need to remember that the MOD needs a lot of space, you can't have firing ranges next to houses, and needs contingency in its basing. It's also worth noting much of the land will be on reversionary trusts if not used. So let's have a bit more nuance please.

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"a guarantee that the Deputy Prime Minister will always be Welsh". Welsh population 3m. Population of England plus Wales 56m. I could be amenable to a deal, so long as South West England always gets the Chancellor, but I fear that other English regions might object.

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There are significant benefits of streaming within school, as opposed to between schools. Firstly, if a student is really good at one subject, but bad at another, then both can still be taught at a suitable level. I've a friend who, despite having a range of higher degrees and speaking several languages, struggles with simple maths. If he were a child, which school would he go into - a grammar for his languages, or a secondary modern for his maths? With streaming, he can be in set one for languages and set four for maths in the same school. Secondly, if pupils improve or get worse in comparison to their peers, its far easier to move them between sets than it is to move them between schools, which requires a major change, loss of friends etc etc. There may well be a strong case for grammars, but comparisons with in-school setting don't seem to make sense.