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As soon as Murder Inc. supports the Saudis war on Yemen with more weapons the Saudis will sell there oil in dollars.

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Another great speech by President Putin explaining in simple terms the actions taken by Russia. It's a shame 99% of americans won't hear it.

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If the zionists attack Iran the idiots in the District of Criminals will be at war again.

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The police should have shot all 5 of the terrorists, and Dominick Suter should have been sent to one of Murder Inc. black sites for further interrogation.
This all could have been avoided if LBJ would have just nuked Israel after it attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 murdering American Sailors.

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This is what you get when you have a one party government, and 90% of the idiots think this is the worlds greatest democracy.
Things will never change for the better till we break the death grip the

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I would have so much respect for Australia if it told Mearsheimer. to get FU#KED and kicked him in the ass on the way out. Then close down the CIA major spy station Australia would have the respect of the world and more and more countries would follow its lead and get rid of the unwanted blackmail of MURDER INC.

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Many more till the people get rid of the.

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MURDER INC. won't stop till it gets its one pound of flesh.
This country has been full of $hit since the first boat load of party poopers landed on Plymouth Rock.

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I'm surprised that Murder Inc. is allowing RT NEWS to broadcast in usa, you would think the last thing they would want the people to watch was programing that didn't insult their intelligence,

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Sorry Mike, If Osama could knock down 3 buildings with 2 planes, and make another 2 planes and all the passengers, luggage, disappear, plus attack the most guarded building on the planet avoiding all their security cameras, I'd say this man is unstoppable.