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Ah, yes, possibly the roughest segment of any of the young wizards books. I have to skip it on my rereads.

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This is sort of unrelated to this review, but I wasn't sure where else to put this:

Real-Life Tom and Carl are dead.

They were also a couple, in real life. Here is Diane Duane's statement, straight from her Tumblr:

"NOW I don’t mind answering it publicly. (Though not without the most intense regret for the reasons why.)

Of course they were together. Of course they were. Tom and Carl were my template for the perfect marriage for many years before they were finally married. (So of all of you who thought that… of course you were right.)

But that was not my story to tell, and I was not at liberty to discuss it while the principals were alive. Both Tom and Carl were professionals, and relatively highly-paid ones, in different fields – fields in which you can never tell who might suddenly take offense at your orientation or life choices and decide to make your life hell. What I knew about their life together was privileged information – quite literally privileged – and I understood the conditions under which I was made privy to it and the possible consequences should I allow myself to be inveigled into breaking confidentiality.

So under no circumstances was I ever going to discuss that while one or both of them was alive, no matter how hard people played the “representation” card on me. This kind of data, for me, comes under the heading of “Whatsoever I hear in my converse with other human beings that rightfully ought not to be noised abroad, that will I keep as secret as if it was something from the holy Mysteries”. My Oath is still in place (though I may no longer be practicing) and its particular requirements, especially as regards a long-established friendship, have remained in force. In this particular regard, I can now smile a little ruefully and let them go. (Because a Pride Parade run by Tom Swale…? – would have been the BEST. PRIDE PARADE. EVAR.)

So what is (as we say these days) the teachable moment(s) from this? (a) When you ask me to keep something confidential – for a week, a month, a few decades? Consider it done. (b) Were Tom Swale and Carl Romeo a couple? Yes – unforgettably so. © Will they hook up / come out in further volumes of the Young Wizards sequence? It’s entirely possible, but how that needs to happen requires some consideration.

Leave it with me."

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Here's a fun quote from The Wizard's Dilemma, that helps place where in the timeline we are:

"I begin to wonder," her mom said, putting the skirt back on the rack, "exactly how much you aren't telling me that I ought to know about."

"Tons of things," Nita said. "Where should I start? Did I tell you about the dinosaurs in Central Park?"

Her mom looked over her shoulder with one of those expressions that suggested she wasn't sure whether Nita was joking. But her expression shaded into one that meant her mom had realized this wasn't a joke, and she didn't like the idea. "Is this something recent?"

"Uh, kind of. Except we made it so it never happened, and maybe recent isn't the right word."

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Continuing my rewatch of madoka. Still gay, still love madoka and homura.

Though I gotta say, I've always sort of thought the soul-removal shock was a bit of an overreaction. At least you know for sure you have a soul! That should be reassuring, even if it's a little egg you carry around! And it doesn't make you a zombie, it makes you a lich, which is way way cooler in almost every way.

What is it with lesbians and shows where your gem is your body?

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Rewatchin' these in 2018 because i'm gay for homura and can't get over adorable costumes and really neat monster designs

I mean I've read crit of the show runner and how the show delights in the suffering of middle schoolers, and how it relentlessly punishes young girls for having feelings, which, fair, but also: I love it so goddamn much

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I really appreciate the choice to put sapphire in the tux and ruby in the dress? It's ADORABLE??

(Also, I was the one who gave you the bismuth at busboys and poets in DC!! I TOLD YOU BISMUTH HAD TO COME BACK. I want an entire episode of her and peridot hanging out.)

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i don't know how image tags work here but here is a very good moment

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Gay wedding of two main characters in a childrens show

The proposal was just so damn cute I want to watch it over and over again

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Fucking SUPERB you funky little lesbians