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I'd get this if I could afford it....but a high school student has a limited budget i'm affraid.....might get it later this summer though. Talked to a few friends who had it yesturday and they liked it.

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lol everyone needs to realize sony just can't top microsoft when it comes to these consoles.

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Bit harsh...think you could've given it a 3.5.

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played the beta......really fun game.

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lol loosen up kid, it's just a bit of fun to get people like you to waste your time writing a pointless reply.

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love masss effect, still play it once and a while...Can't wait to get my hands on mass effect 2.....imagine the possibilities...so assuming what you said is correct, there should be a designated start for players who haven't played the first.

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I agree with caleb, 3-5 years from now these consoles will be obsolete and the next gen consoles will be on the market. Micrsoft has nothing to worry about unless they screw their xbox 720 up really bad.

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Great article dude, covered pretty much everything and left out nothing.

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Ya, the fact that he had a god damn gun with him should be enough to tell that it was premeditated.

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Um I have to disagree with atleast one point there, the one about fallout being the same as oblivion, change isn't always a good thing. Developers should stick with their style of gameplay, well to an extent. Build off a sucessful gameplay style is a great thing, fall out3 was basically the same setup as oblivion but there were improvments and the timeline and story was different. Thats what made fall out 3 so awesome. Developers like inifinaty ward is another example when they came out with cod waw. It was the same setup as cod 4. Course activision developed cod waw but they were builting from and working with infinaty wards gameplay.

I do agree however with everything else. Specialy the part about how writers who haven't played a game write the previews, it just doesn't work.