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How would that work?
The doctor who thing I mean.
Does that mean there's a pony version of gallifrey?
Would that mean there's something bigger going on in the background, Like Torchwood?
You'd think the mane six would've broken out the elements by now. Unless Celestia just The Doctor take of it because she thinks he can handle it fine on his own.
But what about those times when he couldn't handle it on his own?
What about the Cyberman, Daleks and the Raxacoricofallapatorians?
Does that mean...
This pony show just got a lot darker.

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Well, if were going the direction of Road-trip across Equestria to spread the magic of friendship, I suppose some comedy would be nice. But i hope it doesn't take a dark nick turn.
Like cruel humor, Disgusting humor,

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"The fandoms sure are beautiful in the sky tonight."
"Yeah, so sparkly!"

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Ohh! I like Pinkie Pie in this one, funny without being dumb.
I still don't like the castle design/the fact that its made of crystal.
Road trips, oh no, MLP is turning into a chick flick!
Anyone else notice the alicorn? No? Only me?..

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I just put lyra everywhere.

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Oh yeah. gonna need this for my SATANIC SACRIFICE!

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But, whats up in the cupcake room?

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I could make a list of every video i loved that this fandom made, and there's probably another list of videos i haven't seen that i would love, a favorite is going to be hard.
Make it special.
That opening theme to the documentary type thing Saberspark made.
I feel it sums up the fandom pretty well.

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I forgot most of those existed.

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Aww, how she going to perform whimsical musical numbers now?